She Started It: A Documentary on Women Founders

After our interview with the impressive founder Danae Ringelmann of crowdfunding website Indiegogo, I have been browsing for projects on crowdfunding sites. Books, films, products, there are so many projects which need to crowd to make it happen. One of the projects that we like to promote on our website is the Docu 'She Started it'.

She Started It is a documentary about the rise of women technology entrepreneurs in the US and Europe. Initiated by French journalist Nora Poggi, it is getting momentum from the startup scene. Eliane Wherry of Meebo has become the special adviser. Hermione Way is being interviewed for the promo film. And Shaherose Charania of Women2.0 - our sisters in crime for the entrepreneurial startup scene - has given her approval to the project.

We have interviewed al these women for print and online, and it is great to see them in a docu. So if you want to be part of something worthy and cool, take out your wallet and throw in some cash.


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