Startup Diaries from the US: Streamline by Sticking to What You Love

Heather Piedmont explains how she streamlined her business, and increased her happiness level, by stopping doing the tasks she didn't enjoy.

After hearing the word “overqualified” for the thousandth time, I realized a job was not in my future for some reason.  It was then that I sat down and wrote all of the things that I was good at and was able to help others with. 

The first thing I wrote was writing. I was a former reporter and columnist with three Masters Degrees so I was not new at writing about pretty much any subject.  I was also someone with a strong public relations background.  As a former political consultant and PR Strategist, I had years of experience in the field. I then created the PR Firm Heather Piedmont Media. 

Things were going well, except I began to already dread some of the agendas that I would have to do for clients.  I felt ill at the very thought of them. I was doing well, but something at the pit of my stomach told me something completely different. 

After finishing with my last short term client, I decided to go back to the drawing board and this time allow myself to cross out things I did not want to do. 

After all, when it is your business, it is on your terms.  

I decided to keep the name because Media was still going to be an important part of my company. We were going to be a place where all types of businesses, organizations and consultants could have personalized media and content creation and management, from blogs to website content to Google Plus Talk Shows. However, we took away the things that made me hate the coming work days.  

At first, when I saw the limited list, I was nervous. In this economy, a company should try to fill as many holes as possible in order to both make an impact as well as a profit.  In the end, it was quite the opposite; I was not only more streamlined in my offerings, but also better at my job since it involved only the things I loved.  Today, I am proud to say that HPM is a great Media/Marketing company that works to assist many levels of businesses in making them what I like to call Positively Profitable.  

My biggest word of advice to other startups is to not be a hero to your client regarding every need.

No matter how much your bottom line screams for it, and to remember you have an opportunity to do what you love…take this opportunity to make an impact for your clients and more importantly, the world.

Heather Piedmont is the CEO and Founder of Heather Piedmont Media; an one-stop shop for media content, strategy and relations for independent consultants and businesses of all sizes. She is a former White House intern and past campaign strategist and consultant who has been published in The Daily Caller, Parcbench, Human Events and Breitbart and co-hosted, moderated and was a guest on numerous local and national television and radio programs. She has held positions in Political Communications and Strategy, Public Relations and other fields. She is currently living in Queens and is happily married to a coppersmith/flight instructor. For more information visit her website

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