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If you have a technology-based business or startup, attending a Project Getaway event could help you to grow your business, and from a rather nice location too.

Founded in 2010 by Michael Bodekaer, Project Getaway aims to inspire people from all over the world to truly live life, through awesome exotic events for entrepreneurial people.

Michael established Project Getaway because he wanted to share his passion for travelling with other like-minded location independent entrepreneurs.

Now in it’s fourth year, each Project Getaway event lasts for one month where location independent entrepreneurs with a range of different specialities from all over the world come to live and work together in amazing locations. 

Attending a PG event can help to grow your business in a way any normal networking event can only hope to scratch the surface. By living for a month with so many like-minded people, you’ll also build deep connections and strong friendships that would ordinarily take years to form.

Grow your business 

Living and working in paradise for a month provides an opportunity to reflect, share ideas and inspiration, and even change your perspective and mindset on your business. 

By breaking away from the day-to-day and being around inspirational and successful people, you’ll open up to new ways of doing things as well as gain new perspectives. You’ll also gain clearer understandings of business processes and efficiencies, helping to scale your business, by learning from people who’ve done it before.

Michael Bodekaer says that what you can get out of Project Getaway really depends on what you want. Whether that’s a CTO to join your team, inspiration and guidance on how to live a more satisfying life, or even to acquire specific skills from experts from online marketing, advertising, development and design to business development.

“At the end of the day, it's really like a huge all-you-can-eat buffet of opportunities tailored specifically to location-independent entrepreneurs and startups, and it's all up to the people themselves to grab as much as they desire - if they can stomach it!”

Also heading up the founding team is Lieve de Lint who attended her first Project Getaway event in 2011. Lieve said that she “sees Project Getaway as an event where people come and use the time to see if they're on the right track both business-wise and personal wise.

“Many people come to Project Getaway to network, grow their business, have a good time and even think about their lives in general, reviewing what is important to them and what they want to accomplish. They use the thirty days to explore those possibilities and take real action.” 

The community

Project Getaway is not just a networking event in a nice location though, it’s a doorway – the chance to change and grow, and to become part of an awesome community of seriously great people who’ll want to learn as much from you as they’ll be able to teach you too.

“Project Getaway provides a group of people that helps me raise my own standards and life quality, while at the same time providing opportunities to connect with new business partners and co-founders for my many startups.” added Michael.

Lieve also mentioned that “we know that people who attend end up leaving with a large international network of like-minded connections. We’ve had many post-PG meetups all over the world, made great friends, new business partners and even whole new businesses have sprouted from Project Getaway.”

Live in paradise

Project Getaway fundamentals are built on the goal of attaining a work/life balance; so forget the idea of sitting uncomfortably in a conference or awkwardly mingling around a room of sobriety in business suits.

Since running in its founding country of Bali, Indonesia for the past three years, Project Getaway trialed their first event outside of Bali this year in Thailand, and it’s been great. From Songkran, to freediving, to the Full Moon Party, we’ve been having a blast on the tiny island of Koh Tao in Thailand. Just as much as business networking and support, Project Getaway events offer the chance to try new things, be active, have fun and of course let’s not forget the awesome parties too.

Get involved

Upcoming Project Getaway events are already scheduled for back home in Bali, as well as possible new locations in South America and South Africa. For anyone who has a location independent business, go travel, it’s known to boost creativity as well as even the chance of becoming successful.

Michael has been at every Project Getaway event so far, and doesn’t see that changing anytime soon.

“Connecting on a deeper level with like-minded, skilled and well-connected entrepreneurs of all skills imaginable is definitely one of the most valuable outcomes [of attending Project Getaway] for me personally. Project Getaway is really a place where I build great networks and friendships with people all over the world that I truly enjoy spending time together with.

“Being a location-independent entrepreneur can be a lonely adventure at times, and Project Getaway provides a great opportunity for me to connect, and re-connect, with great friends while exploring the world and going on exciting adventures – all while discussing the latest cool startup trends and business ideas.”

Lieve’s experience of Project Getaway has been an immersive one too, “it opened up my world” she said when I spoke to her.

“Project Getaway inspired me to see so many individuals change their lives in order to follow their dreams or desired lifestyle. The positive mindset, work-attitude, ideas and appreciation for life in general of the participants I’ve met has influenced my life for the better.”

The take away 

At Project Getaway you’ll build an international support network of close friends in similar life positions to you, while becoming part of a growing community of like-minded entrepreneurial people who can help to establish and grow your business.It can be hard to recreate the deep friendships we build when we’re young as we move through life as adults, but Project Getaway is that chance. 

Just get prepared for an intense emotional experience you’ll never forget. 

Written by Lyndsey Burton, founder of Choose a location independent business from the UK, and on location in Koh Tao, on Project Getaway Thailand 2013.

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