Girls On It & Aceleratech Present 'Women + Entrepreneurship' Event in São Paolo

GIRLS ON IT & ACELERATECH PRESENT Women + Entrepreneurship: The Opportunities & Challenges from a Local & Global Perspective 

The evening will feature a diverse group of successful and aspiring women entrepreneurs and will take place in São Paolo at the post-graduate campus of ESPM on Tuesday, May 14th from 7 – 11pm.

The keynote address will be delivered by Susan Fonseca; Founding Architect of Singularity University based in Silicon Valley and Founder of Women at the Frontier, an explosive forum highlighting female change-agents that are leveraging exponential technologies and innovative platforms to address global grand challenges. She will be discussing the global perspective of women entrepreneurs to highlight some key female change-makers and their companies, but also discussing some of the challenges that still exist. 

The key panel discussion will be moderated by Pedro Waengertner, Co-Founder of Aceleratech with esteemed panelists Fabiana Rocha Batista, Co-Founder of Wiki4fit, Sabrina Campos Founder of Bcause Labs and Silvia Valadares Local Software Economy Lead at Microsoft. The panel will discuss the local perspective of women entrepreneurs, highlighting success stories and what challenges exist in Brazil.

Every business/company begins as a startup with a passionate entrepreneur and Women + Entrepreneurship will highlight global and local companies and ideas, as well as what's working - or not - in key industries. 

What are the opportunities and challenges? Which markets and industries are showing the most opportunity? What are the best ways to market your business? On the local level, what pitfalls do you need to know about developing a winning Brazil strategy? These are some of the key questions we will be discussing. 

For each Girls On It event, an organization is selected as a charitable partner and receives a donation. For the launch event, they have partnered with Mães da Sé, a non- profit organization that brings together family and friends of missing persons.  Attendees will be asked to support this great organization. 

Tickets are available online at: 

Girls On It - Founded in April 2010, Girls On It (GOI) is a media platform focused on promoting, inspiring, and educating young female executives and entrepreneurs in all industries. Girls On It’s mission is to bring the global community of women and girls together, by highlighting and acknowledging the individuals, organizations, and companies that support them. 

Aceleratech is a 12-week acceleration program based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The startups selected to participate in their program receive quality mentoring offered by qualified professionals in various fields, support of ESPM and investors, with a bold vision of the future to invest, foster and ensure the success of the startups in their portfolio. 

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