Award winning Clean Tech Female CEO Reveals Secrets Of Success

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“She's only thirty-three and just getting started,” said Gordia MacDonald, Senior Business Development Officer at the Centre for Women in Business. Gordia was describing the keynote speaker for their International Women's Day event, Jodi Glover, CEO of Real Tech, a clean tech solutions company .

“Jodi has overcome many gender barriers and succeeded,” Gordia paused and continued, “I see her in the future as a mentor or as an example for other women.”

Jodi has achieved impressive, international success in a predominately male industry. Her company provides innovative technology solutions that improve water quality analysis solutions throughout the world and her products are sold in 40 countries across the globe.

“As my company expands, we continue to do our part and improve water quality globally,” she said. “We try to make a difference in the world. My employees are like my family and my own family has helped and supported me so much. 

“What I have learned is to put people first, the planet next, and profits have followed.” 

At thirty-three she was chosen among 3,500 female entrepreneurs winning the Royal Bank of Canada, (RBC) Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the year for 2012, TPH Sustainability Award.  Also, Real Tech, her company, has received Deloitte's  Technology Green 15™ award for the last four years.  There is no doubt Jodi s showing her dedication the Green movement and the planet.  

Heather Hogg, Regional VP of RBC said that the RBC was there to support women in business like Jodi every step of the way. “Women businesses are the fastest growing in Canada today.  They're growing at four times the national rate and creating jobs", she said.  

“Women in business in Canada are contributing $18 billion to the economy,” says Heather. 

“As a child, being the girl in the family – engineering was not explored,” she said. "The general feeling was that I should become an accountant because I was a girl". Really, Jodi wanted to be an entrepreneur.  She went to University for four years and had a plan. 

“My current business model is profit - based upon a triple line.”

“I'm honored to be able to share my story.  It all started around 9 years ago,” Jodi paused and said, “I've made mistakes, and learned what not to do.” Jodi, at a young age had opened a solar heating company and received a Young Entrepreneur award from the Ontario government for her first clean tech venture.  She also worked as a small business manager for Scotiabank. 

“In terms of trying to minimize the gender gap I believe we should pay attention to what women did that went before us.”  

In terms of success for women in business, Jody said it is still unfortunate that Fortune 500 companies had only 3 % of women at the helm. “I chose entrepreneurship because I could balance more with my family needs and have the passion of flexibility". she says.     

“As an entrepreneur I have learned to have vision and adaptability.” 

“Visualize driving your car from Nova Scotia to the other end of Canada to British Columbia.  Think of a roadblock.  What would you do?  It's the same owning your own business.  Think of entrepreneurship like your life.  It has its ups and downs like a roller coaster and you'll need to be persistant,” says Jodi.  

“Love what you are doing.” 

Jodi said, ”Be a strategic thinker.  Have a plan.  Think ROI return on investment.  We had no investments.  I was hungry.  I picked up the phone and started making cold calls".  Jodi believes success is not only based upon finding something on your own.  "It's about your team.”  For Jodi, Real Tech is like her family.  

Lana Larder founded Halifax Finance Inc. in 2008 in Nova Scotia, Canada after seeing how difficult it was for business women globally to access financing to open or grow a business. Lana is currently working on founding the first angel fund for women starting up businesses in Canada. She is a huge advocate for women in business and wants to “shatter the glass box” and break the stereotyping of angels and angel funds in Canada. A published author, Lana has been recognized with local and national awards for her entrepreneurship and leadership.

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