Social Media Trend Alert: Social-Search and Search-Social

Most people understand the value of implementing strong SEO and social strategies into their business; however, the idea of combining the two practices is still new to some. 

As this integration continues to evolve, more examples are surfacing where SEO and social media complement each other to provide maximum brand visibility, enhance engagement and boost fan acquisition levels within the same platform. 

As a result of this, we are beginning to see brands stepping into a world of social-search and search-social.

With industry giants such as Facebook and Bing now providing both search and social media in one place, they have presented themselves as stand-out leaders in these areas. Naturally, brands are becoming increasingly inquisitive, wondering how this will affect their business and what they can do to enhance results. To ensure reach and visibility is maximised, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the differences between social-search and search-social.


In January, Facebook unveiled Graph Search, its new on-site tool that sources query information based on users’ interaction and activity history within the network. Graph Search then presents its findings in the order it deems most relevant to the user. The interesting SEO addition to this feature is that it also returns web results from Bing and therefore,

SEO now plays a part in brands’ visibility in social searches.


Bing first introduced its social sidebar in May 2012 to allow its users to interact with friends and experts without compromising their main search experience. As it recognised the importance and influence of integrating the human element into its searches, Bing revamped its sidebar in December 2012 to make finding people relevant to searches easier, taking information from their recent social activities that relate to the initial search query.

It is easy to see how closely linked social and search are, and the strengthening relationship between Bing and Facebook suggests that brands should look to combining SEO and social efforts if they haven’t already.

There have been reports and smaller technological advances from various social platforms beginning to branch into search and it looks as though combining these two disciplines will be the way forward for many platforms in the future.

Erin Ablett is an account executive for integrated PR, SEO and social media agency, Punch Communications. Erin has a passion for writing and is able to express her interest in social media and SEO on a weekly basis through the releases, articles and blogs she writes as part of her role.

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