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“In a world of GLASS CEILING SMASHERS, {Golden Girl finance founders}, Misner and MacDonald are two blondes investing in total architchetical overhaul.”' Dolce Vita Magazine.

In 2010, two women founded GoldenGirlFinance in Winnipeg, Canada. Both women had a passion to change the way women thought about and understood money.

With a social purpose they founded their online financial media site to connect women, media, and money.

Social organizations come in all shapes and sizes, but are united in their passion for change using business to power that change. GoldenGirlFinance is a social driven, for profit business model that rebrands finance with a feminine spin and engages women of all ages. It's been said that it's like an 'unbiased financial education with a feminine twist” and is free.

The company is a leader in financial media for women in Canada. Laura J. McDonald and Susan L. Misner are the Founders. They are the voice of females for Yahoo! Canada, Shaw Media, Chatlainemagazine and Breakfast Television.

Voice of Female Yahoo Canada Finance!

Both founders are frequent commentators in the press and media. They reach hundreds of thousands of readers daily with digital, print and television platforms. Best-selling authors of the personal finance guide ‘It’s Your Money, Honey: A Girl’s Guide to Saving, Investing, and Building Wealth at Every Age and Life Stage’(John Wiley & Sons, 2012) and upcoming ‘10 Ways to Stay Broke Forever’ (John Wiley & Sons, Spring 2013).

Why GoldenGirlFinance?

Both founders brought different strengths to the business. Laura is a communications and brand consultant and Susan is an experienced financial adviser. Both women grew tired of seeing capable women remaining fearful of the financial economy, too intimidated to speak up, and educate themselves, and ask the questions they yearn to have answered (but are often too busy to ask).

Laura and Susan identified and realised women need to be reached from a female perspective –

 “One that understands their lingo, would never undervalue their input, and assures them that all questions are valid and worthy of a legitimate response.

They engage, educate and empower women of all ages to take care of their finances and build lasting wealth.

Has it been challenging to run a social driven business?

Laura says their business has gone through a process. “First there was a following, then there was acceptance. It's all about messaging. If you're passionate about what you are doing financial success will come. Believe in what you are doing. It does take time.” She continued to emphasize the importance of your messaging and to love what you are doing.

Be ardent with your messaging.”

How has your social business been financed?

We've had some great investors that are patient and traditional financing institutions. Get in front of people. Tell your story – show your passion.”

We also create opportunties for other organizations to connect with the female demographic through sponsorships,

says Laura.This funding model allows them to provide free finance media content to subscribors.

Why Women and Money?

We understood there was a huge disconnect and women didn't understand much about financing. Financing and women were just not connecting. There was a stereotype that women still felt like they should not talk about money. Tradionally, men were the investors and in charge of the money in the family. Overall, women did not seem very satisfied with the financial sector,” Laura says.

So they took media and tied that to women and money and founded GoldenGirlFinance. They were out on a mission to empower and influence the female demographic. They focus not only on personal finance for women, but also investing, the stock market, career and business information.

So does a social driven business result in success? Show me the money, honey?

 Laura says, “If you are passionate about something - a business, you sometimes have to work for little pay, but if you believe in what you are doing, financial success will come. We are becoming larger that we expected.”

"We are becoming the voice of females and finance in Canada."

Lana Larder founded Halifax Finance Inc. in 2008 in Nova Scotia, Canada after seeing how difficult it was for business women globally to access financing to open or grow a business. Lana is currently working on founding the first angel fund for women starting up businesses in Canada.

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