Doris, the Non-Control-Freak To-Do App

I simply could not have a to-do app that was a pushy control freak, which is why I love Doris.

I'm pretty damn organized (except for the surface of my desk). But no matter how organized you are, there are only so many things you can juggle in your head at a time. That number is generally believed to be seven, give or take a couple.

Who, I ask you, in our modern, high-speed world, has fewer than nine things to keep track of at any given time?

Nobody I know who's over 20 or under 60. And calendars are not the answer to all of our problems. Everybody needs some kind of to-do list system.

Until I met Doris, my system was a mini legal pad covered with scribbles next to my computer. But I haven't needed one of those in three years. Doris is my Best Friend Forever. I love Doris so much I would let her borrow my red cowboy boots.

Since then, many to-do apps have come along. But they all have the same fatal flaws. They want me to commit. They force me to set a due date. (I don't want to promise you I'll do this by Wednesday the 3rd! What if I can't?! What if 50 other things get in the way?! What if there's an earthquake?! Just stress me out more, why don't you?) And then they nag me with alerts when I don't do what I said I was going to do. (You didn't do this! You're a failure!) Not Doris, though. She's laid back, like a southern Californian.

Her most appealing feature is her extraordinary simplicity.

You create groups, and add tasks. That's it. And then you accomplish what you can, when you can. Your groups can be task based: I made a "Projects" group for personal projects I'd like to do. They can be for specific classes of tasks: I have an "Urgent/Not Important" group (I highly recommend this very effective time-management approach). They can be not about tasks at all: I created a "Gifts" list for gift ideas I stumble across.

It takes a matter of seconds to create a group or enter a task. A second to delete completed tasks (which you can always go back and see in the archives).

Granted, Doris is a bit plain, but she has inner beauty. The only way to fully appreciate it is to get to know her.

Doris has a desktop app and a web app that all sync with each other too. I often add tasks to my desktop Doris if I'm working at the computer, and they're there in my phone or my iPad the next time I look.

Devices: iOS
Cost: $1.99
Doris on the App Store

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