Best Startup Pitch Awarded to Hanneke Stegweg, Founder, iLost

Hanneke Stegweg, Founder, iLost, presenting at The NextWomen Grand FinaleHanneke Stegweg is the winner of The NextWomen Grand Finale, winning not only the Best Startup Pitch Award, a startup loan of Euro 6000 and a Schaap & Citroen solitaire diamond, but also walking away with the Audience Award and a consultation with Kennedy Van der Laan, the law firm supporting the The NextWomen Awards 

Hanneke's company, iLost B.V.,specializes in lost items. Using the iLost App, recovering your lost scarf is easier than ever. Additionally, iLost has an outsourcing option to help companies with their lost and found items.

Hanneke was not the only winner in the Grand Finale. Freena Eijffinger took home the Seeds Award. Freena's diagnostic software for autism won a crowd fund platform, made possible by Seeds. 

The Best Startup Pitch was organized by The NextWomen. In 2012, The Next Women launched a series of pitch events supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. After five successful events in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Roermond, Amersfoort and Eindhoven, the eleven winners from these previous events attendded the Grand Finale and presented to TheNextWomen100, investors and experts.

Hanneke Stegweg about iLost B.V.:

"Most people have experienced the hassle of losing a personal belonging like keys, a phone or camera. When I lost my camera one day I started to realize this was not only an administrative hassle for me being the owner, but also for organizations finding items for their fiduciary customers, like hotels, transport companies or event organizations. With a background in logistics, I started the first company offering outsourcing lost and found services. For organizations, lost & found is never a core business, but can have a major impact on the customer experience. We offer online matching, storage and delivery services. Connecting to the iLost Platform increases the chance to find a lost item by 5 times and it saves time consuming inquiry calls for both customer and organizations. A new solution for an ever existing problem."

The NextWomen also launched the TheNextWomen100, a list of the most influential businesswomen in the Netherlands, serving as role models for the upcoming Pitchpreneurs. In this way, The NextWomen creates a sustainable ecosystem ecosystem with startups, established entrepreneurs, investors and experts.

TheNextWomen100 is made in collaboration with a large Recommendation Committee and is based on wide research and a survey, and on the basis of the following criteria: a minimum turnover of 1 million euros, a substantial shareholding, more than five employees, a company of at least three years old and the impact of the women as role models for other entrepreneurs. 

On Saturday The Dutch Financial Times, Het Financieele Dagblad published a magazine, The NextWomen100. The full list is available on

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