Maximise Customer Engagement via Social Media (& Generate Revenue)

Many people assume that if they set up a page and add product description then people will take the time to look at their products and spend time on their pages. If people simply wanted a catalogue they would ring up and order one. People who use social media have greater expectations and will be looking for you to engage within a social context. As such, you will need to understand what is involved in engaging with your potential consumers and you will need to gain an appreciation of how important this is to your business’ growth. The following tips should help you on your way.

Build up a strong relationship from the outset

Before you start to sell to your customers, build up a good relationship with them and engage with them about topics that are relevant to your business. Interact with your potential customers right from the outset.

Stay on topic and don’t get distracted

When you are engaging with your potential customers, try to stay on topic rather than veer off onto other subjects that have nothing to do with your industry. For instance, if you sell clothes there is very little point in telling people about great insurance deals. This doesn’t mean that you must only ever discuss issues that are directly related to clothing, however. If the subject is relevant and is associated with your products then there is no harm in sharing ideas and opinions. Getting your audience talking about things that relate to your business will ultimately serve you well.

Maintain the efforts you made at the start

Maintain your efforts. Many businesses start off with the best intentions and have some wonderful ideas about using social media. In the first few weeks and months, there will be plenty of posts and lots of interaction but then these efforts typically tail off and become increasingly sparse. If your audience is used to fresh and interesting content every week then you must keep up with this or else they will look for new content elsewhere.

Express interest in your readers

As you engage and interact with your audience remember to take the time to ask for information as well as to provide it. As you do not know your readers personally this can prove quite difficult. You will not have any frame of reference in which to inquire because you don’t know anything about them. See this, though, as an opportunity to find out more and gain information. This is your market research. Just as you are trying to encourage people to learn about you and your business, why not learn about your target market. What sites do they look at and what kind of content do they look at. Use this to inform the information that you share with them. This will build on your relationship and encourage your readers to feel heard and listened to.

Respond to posts in a reasonable time

Ensure that you take the time to respond to people when they post on your site or when they send messages. Your readers will soon become disinterested if they are taking time to post or share information but see that you are not reciprocating. Take time out of your day every day to check for any notifications, and respond with something substantial. An acknowledgement can go a long way towards maintaining relationships.

Respond to Complaints

Respond to complaints constructively and look to providing the customer a solution. Ask what you can learn for next time and generate better feedback. Often its not the issue in the first place which is remembered but how it was dealt with.

Stay relevant and keep your eye on your goal

Remember that what you share should add value. The communication you have with your audience should all be geared towards your business and what you sell. Everything that you post should be relevant to your products and brand and create interest and discussion. Anything that won’t have this effect should be avoided as it will only detract from your aims.

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