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Guest Startup Diary from Rupande Mehta, Founder of wellbeing blog good grubbin.

As if the legion of food websites isn’t enough, I want to create another one?! Recipes, news, what to eat, are all covered by the multitude sites spanning the World Wide Web. So how do I make good grubbin’ different? How do I make this work?

Thoughts traversed through my head before I went to iPage and signed up for a year’s contract to host a website. Doubts perpetrated at every step – even after designing the site I thought it might not be too late to turn back, to go back to that blog and keep life as-is. Somehow, though, the blog didn’t tickle my fancy anymore. I needed bigger, badder toys to play with.

So I set off to turn my vision into reality. Since starting the blog, I knew there was a market so that gave me confidence to build on its early gains but this was a lot of work! With a full-time job and playing mommy to a, now, 7 month old meant I would be working my every waking minute.

I was already fretting about too much going on – how would this website change my life!? I was about to find out.

See, healthy food has always been a part of my life.

There have been ups and downs on that road, like everything else, but invariably I always came back to that one thing that has continued to do more for me than just keep me healthy. It has enriched my soul.

While there are plenty of websites that talk about food as a gastronomical experience, I look at food much differently. I look at food as a means to an end – that end being the betterment of your soul.

I am not religious but to believe in the cyclical nature of things is primary to me – be that plastic, the universe or our bodies. So if I have to achieve a higher purpose and gain higher ground in this life, my body is the only physical means of making that possible. This correlates to me staying fit and the buck stops at eating good, healthy food.

So while one might think, ugh, another food website – and while the name good grubbin’ does little to alleviate that confusion – I am more than a foodie and good grubbin’ is more than a food website.

good grubbin’ is formed to promote the practice of sustainable living, i.e., taking care of your mind, body and soul. And this we do through monitoring the only foreign object that persistently enters our body – food!

My journey started 5 or so years ago – when my husband and I started to examine and reassess our diets, began extensive exercise programs and in general replaced our existing food choices with healthier, smarter foods. This meant snacking was a must; since meal portions were cut in half.  It meant starting the day off with a big breakfast and progressively cutting meals as the day wore off. It meant staving off the carbohydrates at night.

The effect was dramatic. Not only did we start dropping off excess weight but also started feeling better than ever.

I became calmer, more aligned with my inner self and, in general, harmonious and in-tune with the environment.

Then came the challenge of maintaining our gains – so I started reading extensively about the kind of food we eat and found that, frankly, its crap! I engaged in a “clean food” drive which meant buying organic and locally grown produce and limiting, if not banning, the use of plastics. I started reading and researching food labels, learning about nutritional content and ingredient lists.

I did not escape the gestational curse, my daft genes are to be blamed, but with careful planning, research and exercise I gained only 23 lbs during my pregnancy.

My obsession with food safety grew manifold as my maternal instinct kicked in and brought with it the inherent desire to protect my daughter from the big bad world of wolves. What kinds of chemicals are in her body wash? Is her conditioner safe? How did arsenic end up in her rice? What preservatives do her foods contain?

Today I write about healthy living – how to be cognizant about your food choices, what the multinational food companies do not want you to know, how to eat not just to satisfy an urge but to promote your overall welfare. I write about food so we can link it to a healthy lifestyle and learn that food does make a difference. I write to create and maintain personal responsibility.

good grubbin’ does not cure diseases, sell miracle pills or weight loss foods but exists, primarily, to spread awareness about food.  It is created by a wife for her husband, by a mother for her daughter and by a woman for herself.

good grubbin can be found on Twitter: grubbin_good and Facebook:

In her day time job, Rupande Mehta works as an analyst for a market research company where she conducts studies in the healthcare space. 

In 2012, Rupande started a blog on healthy eating and sustainable living. After overwhelming response she transitioned it to a website where she now writes about the impact of food on our personal welfare. Although not formally trained in nutrition, using her research skills, Rupande writes about food news and the need to integrate our mind, body and soul experience in staying healthy. She aims to spread the message of conscious living and ultimately help those less fortunate through proper nutrition and education.

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