Permission to Rest. Yes, Entrepreneurs, I Mean You!

Home isnt necessarily the family house with a blinking Christmas tree, nor the place you collect your mail. It's the space where us entrepreneurs go back to our roots to rest our ever-inventing-minds and simply breathe.

The concept of rest, is usually the thing us The Next Women do in the time before the plane takes off and our itching fingers turn the laptop on at cruising altitude. Its the time we have as the quick-dry nail polish hardens and taxi pulls up for an event. The time between shower turning on and the water getting steamy hot. These are the nano-rest moments us entrepreneurs  us give ourselves to rest.

But ladies, it's not rest. Neither is that half day you pretend to take off with your girlfriends (and keep working in the back of your head).

Multi-thoughting in a relaxing environment is the business woman's way of resting and to be perfectly honest - I'm tired. Am sure you are too. And ladies, I think it's ok that we are tired.

Let's go home. We don't have to sit in a circle, plait each others hair and sing kumbayah - But we do need to take care of each other and help one another to feel secure and guilt-free taking time off.

Permission to rest.

Look at your partners, suppliers, customers and baristas - look into their eyes and help them feel secure to ease off some pressure. Sometimes, we just need to be held and hushed, that "it will all be ok" and we've done our best.

If you're binary coded like I am - either All On or All Splat - its hard for us to find that space of simple rest. It seems all too cliche to use "Christmas time" as the time to unplug and rest - but it's what I'm doing.

Deeply felt, I shouldn't do it. I should get out my cat 'o 9 tails and whip myself through and leverage the quiet business cycle to get uninterrupted key milestones hit in a major way. Come on - I hear my inner start-up devil whispering insecurity in my ear and taunting me about being lazy to wanting to rest. Only the consistent and persistent bring their businesses to "the next level". Only martyrs succeed.

I wonder where these thoughts come from.

Probably a combo of overwhelm and driving vision. Both powerful feelings that often drive our businesses forward but also strangle them as we asphyxiate ourselves with multi-level mind maps and back-to-back meetings.

Support your sisters to rest.

If you feel like I do. The best thing we can do is support each other to rest. To really take time out, spend time with he people and passions (ideally both together) and let our entrepreneurial personas park for a while, and indulge in being daughters, wives, friends and mothers.

I'm going home for my first Christmas in 8 years. In the most busy time of my business and critical time for ROI, I'm going AWOL. of course I'll still be working, but I've got a temp office organized on a small beach town in Australia. I have a rusty bike from a friend and intend to wake up with the sun, swim with the dolphins and barefoot peddle down to my "office" for a few hours of work. I will give myself a max of four hours work a day. I can't unplug 100%, but I can give 100% to making a beautiful supportive environment to slow down and rest.

Whatever it is for you. Please do it with me. Find whatever the mini-inch of pure pleasure it is, that makes your skin tingle in delight and eyes light up. Give permission to yourself. Be kind to you.

Next year. We need you. You need you. Your business wil suck you dry like a dehydrated vampire. Go home. Become whole. Feel wholesome.

If you don't give yourself permission.

I do it now.




(switch off laptop here)

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