Advertorial: Kick Start Your Career in the Auto Industry

We've published a few articles over the years about female entrepreneurs in the auto industry, from this interview with Samantha Bedford, founder at Carmony, a service which matches people and cars, to this article announcing the launch of a new female-founded automotive information resource fcr women. At our most recent London Pitch event, we saw a pitch from the founder of MyCarGossip, a site where women can rate and share information on their local garages and driving instructors, as a resource for other women.

But entrepreneurialism isn't the only way for women to enter the auto industry. This article, provided by knowledge partner Cars4Sale Australia, outlines some other exciting career options for the female car enthusiast. 

While the automotive industry is often perceived as being male orientated, it offers a range of rewarding careers for women. Getting a foot in the door can be difficult though, so here are a couple of ways in which women can get started with a career in the auto industry.

First of all, it’s important to work out which profession you’d like to get into. There are many considerations to take into account, such as pay rates, hours, and the type of work and knowledge that is involved. To get an idea of what is going on in the auto industry, check out the News section on sites such as Cars4Sale Australia.  

Potential careers to be considered might be ...

Motor Journalism

At the top, this is a highly publicised and very glamorous career. Test driving luxurious cars, checking out the hottest brand new bikes, and generally getting the inside news on all the biggest releases can be an enticing prospect for women looking to get into the auto industry from a journalism angle. Don’t be too bedazzled by the glitz and glamour though, getting work can be tough, and it is a highly competitive profession. If you work well with the pressure of strict deadlines, and have a way with words, then this could definitely be the perfect role for you. Just remember that you may have to start with low volume part-time work before you can secure a full-time position. Don’t be afraid to extend your talents with a writing course, as this will be an impressive addition to your résumé.

Specialised Sales

If you are known to be a people person and have a passion for all things automotive, then consider a sales position. Whether it is for a dealer or a parts distributor, your work will give you inside knowledge and the opportunities to kick start your career. Previous experience in a sales field will give you a competitive edge, however it is not necessary as long as you are knowledgeable and driven to exceed your sales targets. Most sales positions are commission based, so you will have to work towards a set quota every month to ensure your full salary. Sales is a great starting point to help you gain not only knowledge, but also acquire invaluable contacts who can help you if you choose to further your career in a different direction. It is also one of the less male dominated areas of the auto industry, with many women already successfully working in a range of sales roles.

Mechanical Trades

As more of a hands-on person, you will probably be looking to get involved in the practical side of the automotive industry. From local garages, to work in the mines and even at top racetracks, the scope is endless. Bear in mind that you will need a solid grounding in basic mechanics before you can branch out into more specialised roles: such as working on trucks, being pit crew for a race team, or getting into the testing and development sector for car manufacturers. The average apprenticeship for a mechanic is 4 years, and you will begin on trainee wages. You can also study courses such as Mechanical Engineering at University to give yourself a greater chance of success in your chosen field. Not many women choose the role of mechanic, but there are plenty of opportunities to succeed once you have the necessary skills and knowledge at your disposal. The best way to ensure that you get a great start to your career in the automotive industry is to be well-researched and prepared for your position. Look into external training courses, and make sure you know exactly what is involved.

We are very lucky to live in a society which offers equal employment opportunities to women, and this is very clearly apparent in the auto industry. The options are almost endless, so get your new career started today!

This article was written by Tara Blair, a full time writer for the last three years. Prior to this Tara worked as a career advisor for university students.

This article was made possible through Cars4Sale Australia. The NextWomen is not responsible for the views or opportunities expressed in this article.

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