Nas Amir-Ahmadi: The Iranian Fashion Designer Turned Food Entrepreneur

Nas Amir-Ahmadi, MY Food Founder, talks to guest author Lucy Appleton of her passion for food and fashion... 

Nas founded MY Food, the nationwide luxury diet delivery service in 2004. Nas was born in Iran and ventured to the UK with her family. Growing up in Hampshire, she describes her mother’s passion for food and the important part that preparing and eating meals played in family life as her inspiration, not just for her business, but her own love of cooking. Nas explains, “Cooking is very relaxing, and is seen by Middle Eastern and Asian cultures not as a stressful chore, but an enjoyable activity that bonds the entire family.”

However, with the pressures of modern day western life, this is simply not feasible for everybody.

Prior to founding MY Food, Nas’ fledging business was as an independent fashion designer specialising in bespoke casual clothing. The UK manufactured line featured unique styles with each one made to measure. It is clear that for Nas, life has always been about making women feel good about themselves. However, since MY Food’s growth, it is now men too who have Nas to thank for slimmer waistlines, enlightened palettes and a healthy glow.

Encouraged to try ‘anything and everything’, Nas developed an educated palette.  It was natural then for Nas to study Catering and Hospitality Management, earning her qualifications which then led her to a career initially working in restaurants and professional kitchens both in the UK and abroad.

Returning to the UK, Nas decided to embark on a detox to kick start her own health and fitness regime.  After a couple of weeks spent making meals for herself using specialist recipe books, Nas realised that, whilst the results justified the effort, not everyone has the time available to indulge themselves by cooking foods that require such specialist ingredients. However the demand was apparent for a range that would provide healthy, balanced and delicious foods that would ensure great weight loss results. 

Nas believes there is nothing better than feeling good about yourself, her energetic and lively personality fuels her desire to make others feel happy and vibrant too. Nas’ Inspiration stemmed from knowing just how busy professionals are and how women in particular have to compromise their own diet in order to cater for their family and MY food provides a delicious solution for this. 

Launched in 2004, as Detox in a Box, the company has grown organically and now boasts over 6000 customers. 

With a celebrity following, and five star reviews from the press, the company is thriving and going from strength to strength. The rebrand in 2011 to MY Food supports further growth and product expansion.

The MY Food menu plans include dishes from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, truly providing exquisite meals for all tastes, but refined to exclude the fats and oils commonly found in international cuisine. The various diet plans from MY Food fit in with the current trend of parting with a little extra cash in return for good quality, healthy and nutritious food.

In her spare time, Nas still travels extensively, and freely admits that whatever she eats when she’s on holiday is likely to appear on the next menu (with a healthy twist!)              

A Public Relations student at Bournemouth University, Lucy Appleton is currently on a 1 year placement at MY Food in Poole, where she is PR Manager.

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