Women Are At The Heart Of The UK Wellbeing Index

Louise Burfitt-Dons tackles home improvementWhile the issue of equal pay and gender balance in political and world affairs outside the home is a vital one, it sometimes tends to overshadow an equally important concern.  Is women’s inspirational influence within the home given the credit it deserves? If it was, the multi-million pound ONS National Wellbeing Index aimed at better well-being for the UK  should have covered the politically sensitive female topic.

How much does your mother affect your basic happiness? Or how do you rate `home comforts’ like familiar surroundings,  affection and loyalty?

What we did learn from the Happiness Report  is that people who are married, have jobs and own their own homes are the most likely to be satisfied with their lives. But surely we women have always known that, haven’t we?

Why is it that from our very early years  women’s natural motivational skills are hard wired that way. First it is relationship building.  Then it is dreaming of a home of their own, whether a small shanty in Africa or a two up and two down in Basingstoke. Once the kids come along, it is chivvying them to get along with their friends (a primordial need to remain safe), taking an overly keen interest in their  love affairs, desperate for them to get a happy `settled’ life,  leaping in excitement when they get a job offer. 

In fact it is only when the economy is truly out of control and hurtling off the skids (i.e. too much borrowed money and  credit card debt etc ) that female behaviour appears to change dramatically .  We stop being our, multi-tasking, inventive, stoic, soothing  and superb selves and get drawn into the anxiety- driven, dissatisfying and yet compellingly addictive status race. Hence the display of grotesquely oversized handbags, overpriced clothes, the  need for  bigger, emptier houses and faster cars. Mindless shopping replaces creativity and celebrity antics swap with kindness and simple generosity.

Women are natural motivators in a very understated way.  When money’s tight, the basic comforts which boost the morale of the entire nation  (warm welcome, heat when it is cold, shade when it is not) are invaluable.  They form the very basis of honest productivity. And that’s when us women seem to come into their own, as mothers, citizens, environmentalists, politicians and business women.

There is a primordial connection between the mother figure or `nester’  and happiness in society.   While the male psyche is linked to active motivation, the female spirit is at the very heart of morale. Read my report on Lifting British Morale.

Drop VAT on sewing machines and home improvements repair and maintenance to raise the happiness stakes in the home.  

After all, we can always increase it  again once those huge handbags start refilling shop shelves.

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