Advertorial: 5 Gift Ideas For The Staff Christmas Party

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While Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year, it can be stressful, particularly when it comes to buying staff Christmas part gifts. It is often challenging to buy presents for co-workers or employees, particularly if you do not also have a personal relationship. To take the hassle out of corporate gift shopping this year, check out these unbeatable ideas for the best staff Christmas party presents.

Personalised Notebook

As aforementioned, it can be difficult to buy gifts for a staff Christmas party, particularly if your company is all business and not so tightknit. A personalised not book is an affordable and thoughtful present. Many online printing companies offer a service that allows you to personalise both the front and inside cover, with text, your own design and even photos.

Something Yummy

For those who are completely lost on buying a gift, stick to the safe option of a tasty treat. Everybody loves a yummy box of chocolates or an assorted gif hamper, providing a perfect gift idea for the person who has everything.

A Nice Drop

In many cases, co-workers will really appreciate a nice bottle of wine. This is a great unisex present; meaning if you are buying for a number of people, gift giving just become easier. A nice bottle of wine doesn’t need to cost and arm and a leg and can look very presentable with a simple bow or just in a bottle bag. If you’re looking for an extra special touch, add some Christmas cheer by hanging an ornament around the neck of the bottle.

Christmas Stockings

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more traditional, why not give a personalised Christmas stocking this holiday season? People of all ages enjoy the sentiment of a Christmas stocking and it also offers a warm, yet professional gift solution. Embroidery options are a great idea for Christmas stockings, allowing you to embroider any name onto your special gift.

Secret Santa

If you have a tightknit office, it can often be a fun idea to create a ‘Secret Santa’ game for staff Christmas parties. The idea of Secret Santa is that everyone is given a name at random and this is the person they will buy for. A monetary limit is normally set, ensuring that gifts are around the same value. At the Christmas party, gifts are exchanged, by placing them under a tree anonymously. A nice change from the usual Christmas party antics, Secret Santa will have your staff all smiles.

Whether you decide to go with a nice bottle of wine or a traditional Christmas stocking, your co-workers and employees are bound to have a festive time at this year’s staff party.

This article was made possible by Vistaprint and written by Tara Blair, who has been a full time writer for three years. She particularly loves to share her passion on anything to do with DIY art and craft. When Tara is not writing you will most probably find her at her local yoga studio coaching fellow yogis.

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