An Entrepreneur's Experience of New York Fashion Week

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Guest article by Laura Adamson, Founder, Style Outside the Box.

As the Founder of Style Outside the Box and a woman entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to reinvent my business, to step out of the crowd, which is why I focus on “outside the box” marketing strategies. These are what keep us distinctive and competitive to our challengers, which is just what you need to be to succeed, especially online. is a new shopping site and marketing platform for independent designers & small creative businesses from around the world. Launching about a year ago, our team has worked with 300 + designers and we have been featured in dozens of Fashion, Style and business magazines around the globe. 

Being an avid fashion lover, I always follow the blogs and latest runway styles during New York’s Fashion Week and I got to thinking one day, “how can my designers products be featured at New York Fashion Week?”

After doing some research I found founder Rocco Gaglioti, who is known as “Mr. Fashion” especially during New York Fashion Week.  Gaglioti has interviewed hundreds of designers & celebrities, ranging from Kim Kardashian to Tyra Banks and designers such as Pamella Roland and Badgley Mischka.  After a few months of emails, Skype calls and twitter shout-outs our team was on its way to Los Angeles to meet with Gaglioti and his team.

Last September, Style Outside the Box collaborated with Fashion News Live and created a shopping forward “New York Fashion Week Gifts Picks” video, which can be viewed at the end of this article.  The video not only showcased twelve of our European and US designer’s products but Gaglioti had his own unique story for each product which really helped connect the viewers to the products.

Since the vast success of our last video & the press it brought to the site, we will be doing another collaboration come February 2013 with Rocco Gaglioti and his Fashion News Live team.  It will launch and air throughout New York Fashion Week on We encourage all of our designers, Style Outside the Box bloggers and fans to support and “share” our video which has certainly become a strong marketing tool for us because lets admit it, people love visuals & shopping!

Our collaboration with Fashion News Live has certainly given us a new edge within the market by reaching new customers, fans, press and designers with a click of a mouse.  

Our goal is to bring this idea across the pond to London’s Fashion Week since the exponential growth of our European Designer market.

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Laura Adamson graduated from Penn State University in May 2010 and immediately landed job as a Web Manager for a clothing company in NYC. When the company invested in a few independent designer shops in Manhattan, Laura took on a new role and was soon managing three of them. When she got the chance to work with some amazing young up-and-coming designers, she became captivated by their talent and energy and decided it was time to share their products with the world.

After a few months she quit her job in the city moved to Lancaster PA to start building Style Outside the Boxa new shopping site and marketing platform for independent designers & small creative businesses from around the world. Since launching about a year ago, Laura has worked with 300 + designers and has been featured in dozens of fashion, style and business magazines around the globe, including Time Out New York and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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