Money, Money, Money! $775 Million Raised by Women Entrepreneurs so far in 2012

celebration of the recent fundraising successes of female entrepreneurs, written exclusively for us by News on Women founder Alice Krause.

Money, money, money! Is that a song or is it a description of the summer of 2012? Women entrepreneurs pulled in almost $775 million in funding so far, with a good portion of that over the summer.

This has already been an important year with a mother-to-be appointed to lead a major company like Yahoo and women put on corporate boards in record numbers, but it’s the women entrepreneurs who are changing the world as we speak! And do you know them?

Let me introduce you. Ayah Bdeirwhose company LittleBits creates tiny circuit-boards with unique functions (light, sound) that snap together with magnets and helps non-tech people learn engineering, and Daphne Koller, whose company Coursera works with top universities to offer free courses online, each raised almost $4 million in their quest to change their industries of engineering and education.

Deepa Shah, Co-Founder and Vice President of User Experience at lifestyle company, got the biggest haul I saw so far this year, $105 million! But if you are thinking most of the $775 million in capital raised went into fashion or lifestyle sites, think again! I see women in healthcare as number one this year, raising capital to fund their ideas for curing cancer, building better diagnostic products, or adapting healthcare to social media and mobile technologies.

And speaking of technology, women were there raising capital to build better advertising and business platforms and social branding opportunities. Interesting to me was the small number of women seeking funding for new financial ideas since finance has always been an industry where women found opportunity in the past. I saw only two women raising capital for companies in the financial services industry so far this year - Priya Haji for her company SaveUp, and Amanda Steinberg for Daily Worth.

If you are looking for funding for your startup, check out to see who is investing in these women, particularly those in your industry. While women still only get a fraction of the venture capital being invested, there is no doubt the world is being transformed by new ideas and new ways of doing things, and women are a big part of that. Opportunity is everywhere. So look around you. You may find you have the next big idea in your own backyard!

Alice Krause is the founder of, the award winning daily news site about women, and the largest search engine of women achievers available. To date. the site has featured more than 6,000 women and finds new and exciting women to write about every day! Women are moving into major jobs in industry, are becoming entrepreneurs and getting venture capital to back their startups, and are being appointed heads of major universities and philanthropic institutions.NewsonWomen reports on it all and provides a great resource for role models, mentors, and career inspiration.

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