Top Ten Power Women in Russia

As part of this month's Editorial Theme of BRIC Countries, we're publishing this guest piece by Yakov Sadchikov, founder and CEO of visual search engine Quintura.

Russia is one of a few national economies globally whose Gross Domestic Product keeps growing several percentages per year. For the past twenty years, Russia has produced a new generation of entrepreneurs and business people, some top of whom are women. They come from internet business, media, market communications, recruitment and venture capital investments. Who are the top 10 women in business in Russia? Discover below.

Marina Kolesnik, Founder and CEO, (pictured left)

Native of St. Petersburg, Marina Kolesnik has received MBA from Harvard. Marina was a consultant at McKinsey and top manager at DataArt, before launching her own online travel company in 2010. Since then, Marina Kolesnik raised $15 million in venture capital from Skype’s founding investor, Mangrove Capital Partners and VTB Capital. Marina strives to make the leading Russian online hotel booking company. Being a mother, she is passionate about travel and kung fu.

Natalia Sindeeva, Founder and CEO, TV Rain

Stockholm School of Economics in Russia graduate, Natalia Sindeeva has been general producer of the Siver Rain radio station in Moscow for fourteen years. In 2009, Natalia ventured into TV business by launching the TV Rain channel. It is now one of the most popular independent TV channels in Russia. TV Rain’s partner media include online business daily Slon and weekly city magazine Bolshoi Gorod (BG).

Masha Drokova, Communications Director, Runa Capital (pictured left)

Moscow State University graduate, Masha Drokova manages all communications of Runa Capital, the premier international venture capital firm. Previously, Masha founded her own media agency and was a TV show producer and presenter. Masha Drokova also helps Runa’s portfolio investee companes to get their message across and hire top marketing talent. For the Russian Quantum Center (RQC), Masha helps to bridge a communications gap between physicists and public community. She is a power blogger and yoga fan.

Marina Malykhina, Founder and CEO, Magram Market Research

The Russian Academy of National Economy graduate, Marina Malykhina founded her company Magram Market Research in 1997 when she studied economics. Magram, which contracts interviewers nationwide, is one of the major market research agencies in Russia. In 2006, Marina Malykhina co-founded Republika, a chain of fitness clubs. Marina is also a TV host.

Inna Alekseeva, Founder and CEO, PR Partner (pictured left)

PR power woman Inna Alekseeva launched her own PR company, PR Partner six years ago. Focused on IT, finance, real estate and consumer goods, PR Partner has become a top independent PR agency in Russia. For the past year, Inna joined the IPRN network and launched her own PR conference. Based in Moscow, Inna Alekseeva often travels to Ukraine and Kazakhstan to do PR trainings for big corporates.

Elena Ivashentseva, Partner, BVCP

London School of Economics graduate, Elena Ivashentseva is a partner at Baring Vostok Capital Partners (BVCP), a major private equity firm in Russia. Elena has managed BVCP’s investment in Yandex since 2000 by overseeing its growth to a multi-billion dollar NASDAQ-traded company in 2011. Elena Ivashentseva is also a Board member of Russian internet and technology companies such as OZON, Enforta and other BVCP’s portfolio companies. Elena is CFA Charterholder.

Tina Kandelaki, Partner, Apostol (pictured left)

The famous TV producer and presenter in Russia, Tina Kandelaki is a partner of media and communications group Apostol. In 2012, Tina Kandelaki became Oriflame’s new brand ambassador. Her beauty icons are Sophie Loren and Anne Magnani. As a hobby, a Tbilisi native, Tina has opened Tinatin, an upscale Georgian restaurant in Moscow.

Alena Vladimirskaya, Founder and CEO, Pruffi

Moscow State University graduate, Alena Vladimirskaya founded her recruitment agency Pruffi in 2010. Previously, she headed recruitment for a major Russian internet group and managed online job search project. In a short period of time, Alena Vladimirskaya has earned the reputation as a top recruiter for major Russian firms. On behalf of Pruffi, Alena releases salary analytics and ratings. Her mobile and social app Pruffi Friends helps people recommend their friends for a job and get rewarded.

Svetlana Mironyuk, Editor-in-Chief, RIA Novosti

Moscow State University graduate, Svetlana Mironyuk was appointed Board Chair of the RIA Novosti news agency in 2003. She later became its editor-in-chief. Svetlana has helped to make RIA Novosti a major media group in Russia with economics, legal and sports news and massive online presence.

Lyubov Simonova, Principal, Almaz Capital Partners (pictured left)

Higher School of Economics graduate, Lyubov Simonova is a principal at Almaz Capital Partners, a major international technology venture capital firm. Working under supervision of Alexander Galitsky, Managing Partner at Almaz, Lyubov looks after Almaz’s internet investment portfolio in Russia. Previously, she worked for a private equity firm and internet company, both in Moscow. Passionate about her son, Lyubov is a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial events.

Yakov Sadchikov is founder and CEO of visual search engine Quintura and former founder of RussiaDeal.

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