Define Your Own Agenda at the Rewire London Unconference: Bringing Business, Design & Tech Together

Rewire London is launching its Unconference, an event where all delegates have the opportunity to lead sessions, creating a lively agenda that’s designed to facilitate interaction, creativity and dialogue rather than be faced with endless theatre style presentations.

The event brings together the worlds of design, business and technology in a collaborative environment, with The NextWomen as media partner.

The Rewire London Unfconference is offering our community a discounted rate on tickets. Keep reading for more details!

Attendees, as the driving force for the Unconference, are offered a platform to present their ideas. They will decide which talks they want to hear from others, and be able to modify and add to topics on the day to create a live agenda that suits their needs. 

The Rewire London Unconference will be hosted by business members club Central Working at their Shoreditch location in Google Campus London and takes place on Friday 28th September. 

James Layfield, CEO of Central Working said “Rewire London is an antidote to traditional conferences.

Rather than sitting passively through presentation, delegates get the chance to shape what they want to hear, and contribute, crowdsourcing the agenda so they can be truly engaged with the most interesting and innovative talks.” 

Confirmed speakers for this year include: Martin Firell, public artist; Kathryn Parsons, Co-Founder of Decoded; Ezequiel Vidra, Strategic Partnership Manager at Google Campus, Bindi Kuria, VC/Emerging Business Lead at Microsoft; Jeff Lynn, CEO of Seeders and Darren Westlake, CEO of Crowdcube. 

What people have said about previous Rewire London events: 

“Rewire London was an eye opener for me. I had become so accustomed to old style 'passive' conferences that I expected to be able to do some work on my iPad while attending. In fact, I ended up running two of my own presentations, joining in two other workshops and I made some very important contacts. The unconference 'active' format blew me away because it forced me not only to participate and learn, but also to share my knowledge with others. It was totally invigorating - which is not a word you generally associate with conferences!" 

For more information and to book tickets visit Use discount code Next10 to get a discounted ticket, offered to our community by Rewired London, and book before 10th August for a further early bird discount.

The Unconference is organised by Rewire London, a co-created, experimental and energizing initiative for creative thinkers, aiming to shape the worlds of design, technology and business. 

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