Has The Day Of The Daily Deal Been And Gone??

Darshana Shah and Marcus Ubl founded the daily deal site – LyncMeUp.com - in 2011 to bring quality products and services to consumers at affordable prices and help SMEs promote themselves to larger audiences without any upfront charges. 

Although this model has already been capitalized by businesses like Groupon, Darshana and Marcus believe that the Daily Deal industry is fast becoming an essential part of a company’s marketing/promotional spend. LyncMeUp aims to be a quality provider of the daily deal service and will work in collaboration with other media and marketing channels to contribute to the eco-system of promotions.

LyncMeUp gets in sync with their consumers, before they link them up with the heavily discounted products or services. They say that they were probably the first daily deal site in the UK to send deals based on gender preference.

LyncMeUp is Darshana’s brainchild and I was keen to understand the road, which had led to her taking on one of the fastest growing and largest dotcom businesses of recent years.

Darshana has spent years supporting businesses and entrepreneurs internationally. Recently, in her role as a General Manager of a global events company, Darshana grew the business in several countries through various online marketing strategies and promotional activity online. Prior to this, Darshana had significant experience in TV Media Sales and managed advertising and promotion projects for more than 30 key clients. It was during her experience with TV Sales, Darshana noticed that a lot of small businesses struggled to get a Return On Investment from traditional marketing channels.  When she first heard about the Daily Deal model, she realised that this could be a key part of the marketing mix for small businesses and became very excited about how she might be able to move this forward.

Darshana has teamed up with Marcus Ubl, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded businesses such as Triumphant Events and Entrevo and is currently a co-owner of Ecademy which is UK’s first social network for Entrepreneurs. 

In the last 6 months, LyncMeUp has been well received in 42 cities. The team have a growing, loyal customer database with more than 20% of consumers purchasing more than once.

Like all businesses, the team have faced a number of challenges and are constantly striving to maintain a high quality of customer service and team training in such a fast paced and highly pressurised environment.  Darshana has found, however, that being one of few women in the daily deal industry has worked in her favour. She has gained a lot of support from others and feels she builds a better relationship with her consumers, given that over 70% of daily deal customers are female.

Cherie Blair spotted Darshana’s potential at the recent Women’s Empowerment Day but Darshana’s ambitions for the future are both grounded and focused.

She hopes to experience continued growth and more market awareness of LyncMeUp, she is searching for fun and exciting new deals and is committed to delivering great value to both consumers and clients without paying a premium.

To other entrepreneurs Darshana says, "Having a business plan is good but you must constantly test and measure all business activities to be ahead of the game. There is a lot of research to be done on an industry before you start a business and it is important that you don’t underestimate that".

She also recommends the principles of talent dynamics saying, ‘There is no ‘I’ in success. Entrepreneurs need a team who has a good track record with complimentary skillset to be part of the vision’.

The team at LyncMeUp have used these principles to build their innovative team whom I believe will give the key players in the Daily Deals Industry a good run for their money.

Charlotte is the Founder and Managing Director of G&T– a digitally focused advertising agency which specialises in launching new products, brands and online businesses. At just 25 years of age, Charlotte has helped launch over 20 global brands, has created a handful of social campaigns and enjoys being an established player in the technology community.

I know Darshana and she is so amazing - I love the way she faces challenge, it's not that she doesn't notice it, she does and keeps going regardless. I'm so glad to see her finally getting the rewards she deserves. And we'll see a lot more of her speaking soon, too!

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