Support a Documentary on Women Entrepreneurs

She Means Business is a documentary about women entrepreneurs. This is from their campaign on Kickstarter: 

Women Entrepreneurs are trailblazers.  We create businesses… and the jobs, salaries, economic growth, and futures that follow have a powerful but little-known impact.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are amazed at how rarely the media tells the incredible stories of women braving new frontiers, succeeding (and sometimes failing), and building legacies.  We want to bring some of these astounding journeys to the screen. 

SHE MEANS BUSINESS is a documentary about women entrepreneurs.   We will show authentic, human stories of brave businesswomen to the world so everyone can see just what these wonder women do despite the challenges they face. 

Our film has already had its own incredible journey with phenomenal women and men reaching out to help.  We launched our Twitter @shemeansbusines on May 1st and have over 11,000 followers already!!  Entrepreneurs, film enthusiasts, and supporters of women entrepreneurs are joining daily.

In fact, women all over the United States are already uniting to support – our list of sponsors and advisors is enough to make us blush (and yell, and cheer, and *sometimes* jump up and down).   Here’s just a few of the incredible women and men who’ve already reached out a hand to help get SHE MEANS BUSINESS made:

Now we’re reaching out to YOU: the world of women in business, women entrepreneurs, supporters, friends, family (even the crazy uncle investor!) to make this dream into a reality.  We know how much energy, passion, soul and struggle women and their supporters pour into new and established businesses every day.  Now we are going to tell the world. 

For more details, see the She Means Business Kickstarter page.

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