Get Your Business Tweeted to A Quarter of a Million People by a Dragon!

Small Business Sunday, shortened to the hashtag #SBS on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. Theo is best known for his star role in UK TV's Dragons' Den. He is Chairman of Ryman Stationery and Boux Avenue lingerie and joint owner of Red Letter Days. He is also a mentor and investor to many other businesses

Each Sunday Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him @TheoPaphitis and describe their business in one tweet including the all-important hashtag #SBS. Only tweets made in the time slot between 5.00 PM and 7.30 PM GMT count.

Each week Theo reviews and chooses his favourite lucky six who are then re-tweeted. As he has over 230,000 followers, this provides a massive boost to the chosen lucky businesses.

Earlier this year, Priya Tew, Founder of Dietitian UK, tweeted Theo about her business during ‘Small Business Sunday’, and last month was proud to receive her certificate from Theo Paphitis (pictured).

Priya left her NHS job in January, after having her first baby. Although Dietitian UK had been running alongside her NHS job for a few years it had just been a small sideline income. Becoming a full-time self-employed business owner was a huge step, which Priya likened to leaping off a cliff.

Receiving the award at this point was a real confidence boost and propelled Priya's business forward. Since January Priya has been busy networking, building up clients and juggling the life of a mum around that of an entrepreneur.

Dietician UK provides nutrition and dietary advice to both individuals and companies and is soon to appear on UK TV's Embarrassing Bodies. Dietitian UK is also profiled on Theo Paphitis new website, which is exclusive to Small Business Sunday winners.

Priya said, “Receiving this award at such a pivotal time really helped boost my confidence and raise my profile.  It has been great to have business tips from Theo and meet him in person.”

Anyone looking for a re‐tweet from Theo should tweet him about their business on Sunday between 5 PM and 7.30 PM GMT and include the hashtag #SBS. Six lucky businesses are re‐ tweeted every week and then invited to enter their profile on the new website. For further information about Small Business Sunday please visit

So get tweeting on Sunday and let us know how you get on!

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