3 Areas Where You Are Losing Money & How To Plug The Leaks

None of us wants to have a bucket with a hole in it, but more often than not that’s exactly what we have when it comes to our businesses. We work hard to fill it with all the right stuff — planning, continuing education, contacts, PR — only to find them seeping out and draining us financially and emotionally.

I have identified the top 3 areas where business owners lose money and power. I experienced first hand how these areas made the holes in my bucket bigger. Fortunately, I figured out how to plug these leaks very simply, and I immediately felt empowered and business took off.

1. You make excuses

It’s so easy to find yourself making up stories about why you aren’t where you want to be.  The brain is wired to keep repeating the same story. Think about the conditioned excuses you enter into your brain: “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never be smart enough”, “I don’t have the right qualifications” and so on.  When it comes to your success in business or in life, those old excuses will leave you with the same old same old.

Excuses keep you safe, I get it!  They ensure that you will be in familiar territory and that means you will know exactly what to do. The problem is doing what you’ve always done will keep you getting what you’ve always gotten.

Take time today to become aware of all the excuses you make about why your business isn’t where you want it to be.  Write them down.  Creating awareness is the 1st step to eliminating excuses.

2.   Deer in headlights look

You know the look, the one filled with panic and terror.  You sit at your keyboard to being a project or pick up the phone to call a prospect and you freeze.  Once you regain your bearings, your mind begins running wildly in hopes of distracting you from your fears.  With the distraction comes a multitude of thoughts designed to keep you (and your business) small. All thoughts are derived from your past.

Next time you find yourself frozen, take a piece of paper out and write EXACTLY what you are afraid of.  Writing words on paper lessens the angst and creates a space for you to find logic and solutions.  Breathe and observe who you become when you freeze.  Next, create inspired action. Take 3-5 pieces of paper and write your outcome on one and use the rest to write out your action steps to achieve your outcome.

3.   Addiction to your story

Underlying, unconscious commitment to old ways of being (thoughts, actions and feelings) that no longer serve you is the behavior entrepreneurs adopt who have fallen prey to stagnation and frustration.  

Everyone has a story that they were raised on. A story that makes them feel safe, comfortable, secure and loved.  That same story is the one thing holding them back from having a thriving net worth and self worth.

Steps to take to identify and re-write your story

  • Become aware of the author. Half the battle is simply waking up and becoming conscious of the commentary running through your mind. Most people are oblivious to it. It is especially important to be alert to it whenever you experience adversity or trauma. What is the story I am telling myself right now?
  • Evaluate the story you are authoring. Many people confuse their old story with the truth. However, it is only one perspective, based on previous experiences and — too often — fear. We don’t have to accept that version of reality. Is this storyline accurate for where I am right now?
  • Affirm what YOU know is true. You can either live life based on past experiences or current feelings about current experiences.  Immerse yourself in TRUTH. Truth can be proven. Most people doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts. Do just the opposite. What do I know to be true?
  • Author a new script. We are NOT passive spectators in our stories; we certainly don’t have to be victims. The ultimate Source gave us FREE WILL – our choices matter more than we think! How can I make the choices that create the best possible story?

Veronica Drake is an International Women’s Business Coach, also known as a Simplicity Coach. She specializes in working with spiritually inspired women entrepreneurs who desire to simplify and improve the quality of their businesses while being uniquely themselves. She takes her clients through a proven step by step process that empowers them to plan, produce and profit every time. Find out more about Veronica on her site: beinguniquelyyou.com

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