Top Ten Tips on Marketing & Building Online Presence: Gems of Wisdom From The NextWomen DWEN Interview Series

As the fabulous The NextWomen DWEN Interview Series draws near its close, we'll be bringing you some of our favourite gems of wisdom from the series, focusing on certain key subjects. Today's hot topic are: Marketing & Building an Online Presence.

"The first tip is certainly: Have a good business model first and don´t start your business and then start looking for the business model. That’s what we did. Big mistake!!!

"Second: keep focused and keep it simple. We found the possibilities of an internet portal so tempting that we tried to add more and more bits and pieces to the puzzle and distract our users. And ourselves.

"Third: never do anything without a great brand. With Utopia we certainly found a wonderful brand name which is a major differentiator in the World Wide Web. I always have a problem with all the fantasy names in the net you can’t really remember.

"Fourth: Make yourself known in the offline world too".

Claudia Langer, Founder & CEO, Utopia AG (on how to create an online community)

"Be really relevant: the only reason for people to get to you online is because you deliver something that would fit a real need in their lives. If you provide content, deliver the best content. And to have the best content, listen to your customers and set a mission to yourself to dedicatedly serve them every single day.

"Partner with trustworthy brands. You grow faster and better when you join forces. Partner with brands you and your consumers trust to drive growth. Advertisers, other online media players, content producers, startups… You can grow together and everyone will profit on the relationship.

"Have the best people. From content producers to tech team, have the best people. Only the best people will deliver the best results. This is the best investment you can ever make".

Andiara Petterle, Digital Strategy & Business Development Director, Grupo RBS (on how business owners can increase website traffic)

"How to increase traffic depends on the site I would say. Firstly, understand what kind of value you give to the user. Listen to them! See what they're looking for.  Also, help influencers and multipliers (e.g. bloggers). If they think what you do is relevant, they will talk about it.

"Jeff Jarvis says the best thing you can do is be a platform for other people to succeed. I think that is very powerful. Make sure you contribute to other people's success, yours will follow.

"At the same time, most sites yield good results with a combination of SEO. Facebook ads are great, especially when you're niche: Facebook can target potential users perfectly since they say in their profile what kind of interests and hobbies they have and what they like. So obviously if my hobby is sewing, I will be interested in a sewing website".

Nora Abousteit: Co-Founder BurdaStyle & Founder Kollabora (on how business owners can increase website traffic)

"Listen to your customer either directly or through data you collect and respond rapidly. Enlist partners who are smarter than you and focus deeply on areas outside of your core business.  Know your goals and socialize them through metrics and rewards".  

Heidi Messer, Co-Founder, Collective[i] (on her thee golden rules of online marketing)

"Firstly, grab the very best domain name that you can, and pay for it if necessary. Secondly, embrace your audience in developing your brand and being part of it and the values that it represents, after all they are your customers.

"Lastly, you are the brand, so remember that everything you contribute on the web is brand development. That can be both a positive and a negative".

Alex Butler, Founder KindredHQ (on her three golden rules of brand development)

"Focus on providing value to the reader. Avoid self-promotion.

"Provide a platform to like-minded people - it is very hard to provide original content in the volumes required to sustain interest

Take an integrated view - be present in all viable social and digital channels in addition to investing in your own website".

Jessie Paul, CEO Paul Writer (on how to increase online presence)

"Solve a problem; be interesting; make taking action easy".

Michelle Madhok, Founder & CEO SheFinds Media (on her three golden rules of online content)

"It’s pretty simple really!  First - Act.  Second - Measure.  Third - Repeat".

Michelle Bonat, CEO and Founder, RumbaFish (on the first three steps to creating a social media marketing strategy from scratch)

"Rule #1: It is always a trade-off between your time and your money.  If you can’t buy marketing space, you’ll have to invest your time in earning it

"Rule #2: Globalize your marketing.  A lot of work can now be done virtually and remotely - the best place to source your marketing may not always be your home country.  With cloud technology it is often opaque to you where the service is being delivered.

"Rule #3: Be interesting. Do exciting things. That gives you a momentum that a boring brand - no matter how rich - can never match".

Jessie Paul, CEO Paul Writer (on her three golden rules of frugal marketing)

"Listen before you talk. And you’ll be listened to. Don’t pretend you already know everything about their needs. Ask and really listen to the answers. Care about them for real.

"Be relevant at all times. Women only engage and remember those who mean something to them. You will mean something if you find a way to serve them even in a very small way. Connect with players who are really relevant to them.

"Content is queen. No matter how easily you can reach women through other sources, content is still the best way to engage them with your brand".

Andiara Petterle, Digital Strategy & Business Development Director, Grupo RBS (on marketing to women via digital media)

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