Launch of Communication Agency for Enterprise & Tech Business

FieldhouseWill the next Facebook or Apple be found in the UK? If so, it will need some serious PR. And so do a lot of tech businesses.

It's no surprise thus, that in the crowded field of PR, a new communication agency launches this week, called FieldHouse, that will specialise in offering corporate and B2B communications advice and strategy - with a focus on enterprise, venture, and venture-backed tech businesses.

The company's founder, Cordelia Meacher, brings over 16 years of communications experience to the new agency. Previously at IF Communications, founded by Izzy Fox, where, as Head of UK, Cordelia's interest in venture, start-ups, tech, mobile and the digital space was sparked, running accounts including Silicon Valley Bank, Octopus, Wellington Partners, GP Bullhound, Intel Capital, Astia, Associated Northcliffe Digital (part of DMGT), Fjord, Golden Gekko, Seatwave, Flirtomatic, Frooly, and Veebeam.

After the merger of IF Communications with Hotwire PR, Cordelia joined Hotwire as a Director.  However, spurred on by huge support from colleagues, clients and friends, in April 2012 Cordelia officially launched FieldHouse.

Cordelia said,

“FieldHouse has been created to service clients differently. It's all about top-level strategic advice. No hype, no crazy creative, no way out promises.  Let's talk about communications strategy – where a company is, where it needs to be and what can be done to get it there. What's seriously going to hit the bottom line? That's what's interesting and that's what will make an impact. That's why PR is important.

The fascinating and innovative enterprise and venture space is growing faster than we can imagine – hence the Government’s involvement, and the investment into the UK from companies like Silicon Valley Bank.


"Will the next Facebook or Apple be found in the UK – I don’t know – but if they are here I am all set to find them, help them build a profile, connect them with investors, and help them find the funding they need to take things to the next stage. Finger’s crossed!”

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