Social Media Tip Tuesday: 4 New Useful Social Networks for Small Businesses

New social networks are popping up everywhere. We often get invites for new platforms, or are asked if we’ve seen this new cool social network for [insert profession here]. To make it easier on you, we tested a bunch of different platforms and came out with our top four of the most useful.

1. Triberr

If your company is blogging regularly and is in search for “what’s next” then discovering Triberr may just be your holy grail. Triberr takes the good and excludes the bad and ugly when it comes to automation. You join a “tribe” with bloggers you enjoy and everyone in the tribe tweets out what the other members link. The idea is that your tribe supports each other by retweeting each other’s content.

You have control over which tribes you join and can also moderate the links you tweet, which helps prevent going overboard.  Essentially it is automation with moderation.  The prime appeal of Triberr is the ability to get a greater audience for your blog posts as you have your tribe promoting it in their Twitter stream.  Triberr also helps bring high quality visitors to your company’s site, as each member of your tribe is interested in your niche. These readers are therefore more likely to read the full blog post rather than skim over it.

2. Dribbble

Dribbble is a social network dedicated to web designers who want to show their work, get opinions from fellow designers, and recruit freelancers. If you work with webdesign it is a great tool to share your creations with the world, and if you are recruiting webdesigners it is an easy way to find candidates with the style you are looking for.

In some ways it resembles Pinterest: to be a “player” (feature designs on the website) you need to be invited, but you can be an “spectator” with no invitation needed. You also can create boards with your favorite projects (called buckets) and “like” and “comment” on them.

3. Yammer

Everyday we’re Yammering!  It’s not very new, and we already talked about Yammer in a previous blog, but there are still many companies that are unaware of its existence. Yammer is very similar to an internal Facebook for your company, it even looks like Facebook.  For us at Social Media Delivered, it has shown to be very useful and easy to use.

4. Lino

Do you use post it notes to keep track of your “honey do list” or your errands for the day?  Or the good old “sticky notes” on your desktop?  Lino is taking that concept and stepping it up a notch: it’s an online social “post it” note website.

You can have as many personal boards as you like that you can access from anywhere – including your phone.  Share boards with team members or share with some random boards that are public.  Lino allows you to do more then just write notes: you can also post videos, photos and attach files. It’s a fun and easy way to be organized and a different way to share.

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