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The Next Women is organizing it's next Pitch Event on February 24, 2012 in Amsterdam in the beautiful Elicium (photo).The pitch events are designed to improve access to financial and professional networks for women entrepreneurs and to enhance and accelerate a faster growth of their business.Therefore, The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation supports this upcoming pitch event, because female entrepreneurs are a potential for growth.

The Pitch Event provides an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to present their business plan to investors and experts. During this networking event participants will receive feedback from investors and experts about their business plan.

At a time when the economy needs high growth businesses that create jobs, women entrepreneurs represent a promising but underutilized potential. Various calculations show that as access to capital for women entrepreneurs were the same as men, for example in the U.S. six million jobs could be created within five years. A study by Kaufman shows that women are under represented in business networks, have still inadequate access to capital and assess their opportunities differently.

European Pitch Events for Female Entrepreneurs

For this reason, The Next Women European Pitch Events for Female Entrepreneurs were created. From 2009 till now, 9 Pitch events for European Female Entrepreneurs have taken place already, with 100 women entrepreneurs pitching their business for more than 100 investors. Last year for example the London event. Now Amsterdam is the location of the next one.

During the upcoming event, a panel of investors and other experts will meet a dozen entrepreneurs from the UK, Germany and The Netherlands and evaluate their pitch. The panel provides constructive feedback to the pitch and business plan and opens up its network to the female entrepreneurs.

Jobs Growth

Simone Brummelhuis, founder of The Next Women:

The Pitching events result in bridging barriers, they are an answer to the needs of the market, by introducing women entrepreneurs with a business network of investors and other growth businesses thereby increasing their knowledge about their capital needs. Ultimately this results in a greater participation of female businesses and jobs growth. 

12 female entrepreneurs will be pitching in Amsterdam on February 24, 2012 before a panel of experienced investors. The room caters for 100 interested parties. In 2012, five Pitch Events will take place throughout the country.

The event is also supported by various parties and media networks such as Business Angels Netherlands, FIP Network, E-Factor, Microsoft BizSpark, Astia, AllWomenonTop and Sprout. Investors like Henq Capital Peak Capital, Triodos Bank, Van Den Ende & Deitmers and various informal investors take place in the investor panels.

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