Nathalie Gaveau, Founder PriceMinister, Launches New Venture Shopcade

Shopping meets social this Christmas with introduction of innovative new Facebook application

With the Christmas season well and truly upon us, last week saw the launch of Shopcade, an unique, fun and interactive Facebook application which, for the first time, combines the elements of social media and shopping to create a truly social shopping experience that consumers can begin enjoying this Christmas.

The launch comes at a welcome time following the findings of a survey commissioned by Shopcade and run by YouGov,* which found that more than half (58 per cent) of UK social media users aged 18-54’s purchasing choices are influenced to some extent by their friends’ comments and participation on their social networks.

The new app allows consumers to browse and choose from more than 40 million products, from over 20,000 brands and create their own personalised Shopcades, full of their favourite products which they want to share and recommend with their friends and online communities, earning a real cash commission from each sale made. 

Shopcade makes online shopping fun by allowing users to browse, discuss and recommend products before deciding on and making a final purchase.

To keep consumers abreast of the latest style and technology trends, Shopcade also aggregates product data and shows, in real-time, illustrating products which are popular and trending among their friends and community, and even providing suggestions for other relevant products that may be of interest based on their Facebook ‘likes.’

Nathalie Gaveau, founder and CEO of, commented: “Shopcade leverages the power of Facebook to the benefit of consumers and brands alike. It turns the ‘social network’ into the ‘social shopping network’ allowing 800 million socially-connected people to shop, share and be rewarded all in one place. Rather than brands dictating what people should buy, Shopcade empowers people to share products that actually matter with each other. Now the customers are in control.”

Shopcade combines all elements of shopping, from browsing products and making a purchase, right through to setting up a Shopcade and making real money from sales - all from Facebook.  The application, which has been in closed beta for the past eight weeks has already generated a large UK following including celebrity fashionista and E4’s Made in Chelsea sweetheart, Caggie Dunlop.

Caggie’s Shopcade reflects her laid-back and effortless style and includes an eclectic mix of music, literature and goodies she would love to buy ahead of a forthcoming trip to Australia for which she is currently preparing.  Caggie said: “This Christmas my Shopcade Wish and Win list would probably include an iPad, a bicycle – so I can get fit and healthy in the New Year – and some philosophy books by Richard Dawkins.  Shopcade is really user friendly; it literally brings shopping straight to Facebook, and as I like to shop around for products it is so easy to access from one central point. This Christmas I will definitely be using Shopcade to buy presents.”

Shopcade allows users to share products from a wide range of categories including; fashion, beauty, tech, music and apps. Some notable features of Shopcade include:

  • Top-trending products – Easily see which products are currently most popular across different categories among your friends or in the whole community;
  • Top-trending Shopcades – Find out which Shopcades are most popular across different categories, among your friends or in the whole community;
  • Easy discovery – Discover which products your friends and the community are sharing, or filter by exact categories and brands you want to see;
  • Mutual rewards – When you buy via another Shopcade, both sides are rewarded with real cash;
  • Personalised recommendations In addition to your friends’ recommendations, Shopcade also recommends products to you based on your Facebook “likes;”
  • Personal URL – Personal Shopcade URLs allow you to place your Shopcade on your blog and other social media channels.

To celebrate its official launch, Shopcade is kicking off a “Wish & Win” campaign, which will award Christmas gift wishes each week throughout the holiday season. Shopcade users can enter to win from more than £1,600 worth of wishes to be granted each week from now until December 25th. Users simply click the “Wish & Win” button on products they want this holiday season for a chance to win the weekly draw. Shopcade also rewards users with weekly contests, recognition for top trendsetters, plus the opportunity to earn real cash for doing what they love – shopping.

Shopcade is free and open to the public. Join the Shopcade community on Facebook now at

Click here to read our recent interview with Shopcade Founder Nathalie Gaveau.

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