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The number of small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India is booming. And with India's population of 1.2 billion and a swelling entrepreneurial class, there is one company who is very outspoken about what it has to offer.  SMB's already account for a major share of Dell's revenue in India and Dell believes it has much more to offer to SMBs, according the Times of India.

Mahesh Bhalla, GM for the consumer & SMB businesses in Dell India, explains it with numbers: "India is fairly under-penetrated from a technology perspective. We see consumer and SMB segments emerging as key technology buyers. At present, PC penetration in SMBs is as low as 38%. Reports indicate that 1.24 million SMBs are expected to adopt IT in the next three years."

The opportunity in India

At DellWorld 2011 - Dell's first-ever customer conference - the opportunity in India and especially in SMBs was a recurring theme.

Dell chairman and CEO Michael Dell said, "We have a great presence in emerging countries. Nations like China and India grew more than 20% in the last quarter and we have a big commitment toward these countries."

Dell says it's No.1 in India in the SMB sector and this they credit to the country's entrepreneurial spirit and the company's focus on entrepreneurs. Says Steve Felice, president, global consumer, small & medium business, Dell, "In the past several years, SMB growth in India has been outstanding. With a maturing economy and a burgeoning middle class, the story will only get more interesting."

Felice says the primary focus in India is on increasing coverage.


"We see smaller companies have needs similar to large businesses but don't have the same resources. Our aim is to make sure we reach out to all those people, increase coverage and bring more capability.''


It was impressive with this economy to hear that Dell’s earnings per share have grown over 83% over the past year, they have over 100,000 partners, and they are investing $1 Billion in secure cloud.

Women entrepreneurs

Dell is looking at unique ways to expand its SMB presence in India. In June 2012 it will host the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network event in India. "Our job at Dell is to ensure they (women entrepreneurs) have a technology partner that can help them be successful," Felice says.

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