The London Hardcore Tech Entrepreneurs Scene is Booming

techhubTechHub and Duedil have identified 200 hard-core tech startups in London: the Real Startups.
The UK government has identified over 600 tech, digital, and creative companies in the East London Tech City area.

Today TechHub and the Innovative company data startup Duedil have completed deeper research into London's tech scene and boiled that number down to find the "real hard core" tech startups.

We've defined tech startups as companies less than 10 years old that are "product focused" or data / development driven. The data excludes companies that are digital advertising or creative agencies.

As such we've identify that there are over 200 hard-core tech startups
in London.

In addition East London has seen a 40% year on year rise in company incorporations and is responsible for 76% of all tech startup growth across Central London in the past year.

The findings include:


  1. East London has experienced a 40% year on year rise in company incorporations and is responsible for 76% of all growth across Central London in the past year.
  2. The tech startup boom began in 2007, with the scene proving remarkably recession-proof. Almost half of these have been founded in London since 2008 have been in "Tech City", the area also known locally by tech companies as "Silicon Roundabout" which stretches from Clearkenwell to Shoreditch and East across London.
  3. Venture capital firms Index Ventures, Passion Capital, and The Accelerator Group are the most influential VCs firms in the London tech startup scene.
  4. Of the 920 associated real tech startup directors, 3 out of 10 are running their 1st company and 1 in 10 are female.
  5. The hot sectors for London's tech startups are, unsurprisingly, social networking, app development, and software & game development.

Launched in July 2010, TechHub is the tech-startup focused coworking
space for tech entrepreneurs, housing over 25 companies and hundreds
of coworking Members. Situated right on 'Silicon Roundabout' in the
Old Street area of London, TechHub plans to expand with spaces in
continental Europe and San Francisco, linking its Members
internationally. It was cofounded by Mike Butcher and Elizabeth


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