Lee Coleman, Founder of Quintessentially Gifts, Reveals Her Top Tip For Entrepreneurs

The 'Quintessentially' lifestyle is, according to the team themselves, for those who believe that life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second-best. When I heard that a new Quintessentially Gift service was launching, I thought it was only right that I went to meet the women behind the new e-boutique that has already promised to change the future of personal shopping.

Quintessentially has been established as a private members club with a global concierge service for the last ten years.  With 65 offices worldwide and a team of expert fixers, members can expect to be assisted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More recently Quintessentially has undergone a rapid expansion, becoming a luxury lifestyle group with a portfolio of businesses including the personal shopping service, Quintessentially Gifts.

Lee Coleman, who has been working with Quintessentially for the last three and a half years is responsible for the newly found success of the brand. Lee, who is New York born, has been living in London for the last six years and, until becoming the Managing Director of Quintessentially Gifts, had been continuing her triumphant career in wholesale.

With no investment and no capital Lee saw, albeit a business in debt, an opportunity that she knew she would be able to turn around. The business, which has pulled profit for the last two years, has now undergone a full re launch which will ultimately allow people to shop without borders.

Lee is the first to admit that working with the Quintessentially brand has been a huge factor in her victory. The infrastructure has allowed a relatively easy global roll out and has provided the team of six who work on Quintessentially Gifts with information, customer data and a huge lead generation machine. 

Lee has of course, faced many of the challenges presented to entrepreneurs. She, like many of us, found the emotional rollercoaster that comes with starting a business the biggest challenge of all. Whilst the highs include a hand written thank you from someone she had always admired, the lows include cash flow problems, mental exhaustion and management challenges.

Lee’s strongest piece of advice to anyone on the same rollercoaster is to learn to switch your emotions off so that you can focus on the core business issues.

Lee comes from an entrepreneurial family with both her mother and grandmother running their own businesses. As a result, Lee has never considered the divide between men and women in business. She is honest, open and thinks strategically and logically at all times. During our interview I can see that Lee is the sort of woman who doesn’t see shades of grey – her approach is very refreshing and surprisingly warm.

The newly launched e-boutique aims to highlight the amazing design talent from around the world – whether it be a new Tom Dixon lighting installation or McQueen Luxury Dive Toys’ underwater scooter, the mix is always fresh and unexpected. It is clear from the time I have spent with Lee that she has strong, and often personal relationships with many of her clients.

She is passionate about finding solutions for the most unusual and challenging problems from every corner of the globe.

Just as Quintessentially Gifts’ curated gifts service is open to all, so too is the e-boutique, providing an utterly indulgent, stress-free shopping experience, incorporating Quintessentially Gifts’ signature bespoke service focus. The site has been designed with an editorial eye and caters to all gift-giving occasions, as well as showcasing cutting-edge interior and art ideas.

Quintessentially Gifts also offers a bespoke styling service which caters to all personal shopping needs and desires - be it an entire wardrobe make-over, a simple shopping errand, or tracking down a seemingly-unattainable new season look.

For me, it is likely that using the Quintessentially Gift service will be nothing more than a day dream. That said, having spent some time with Lee, I am confident she can make the impossible happen so who knows, perhaps I will be going on a global shopping spree soon…! 

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