This Message is for Sceptics: It's Time for a Social Media Strategy

FacebookSceptics need hard data to be convinced. And now there is such data, you cannot deny it. Whether you like it or not, companies need to embrace a Social Media Strategy. Read these figures;

Facebook is the most popular website among US internet users, with consumers clocking up a total of 53.5bn minutes on the site in May as it continues to widen its lead over rival web portals, according to a report from Nielsen.

In the Us, Yahoo! is on second place by a substantial distance, with users spending 17.2bn minutes on its properties in May. Google thirs with 12.5bn minutes, followed by AOL, where users spent 11.4bn minutes, and Microsoft properties, including Bing, Windows Live and MSN, which attracted users for 9.5bn minutes.

The figures must convince even die-hard sceptics who say that consumer interest in Facebook is starting to wane. As the social network makes a push into content, with content providers making films, TV shows and, reportedly, soon music, the time users spend on Facebook is only likely to continue rising.

The growing popularity of Facebook comes amid the increasing influence of social media "both online and off", with internet users spending nearly a quarter of their online time on social networks. Although Facebook dominates the field there is still a great deal of movement among smaller networks.

Facebook is important, but so is Twitter to get customers for your brand.

Twitter is more important than Facebook when it comes to influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions, according to new research by Kantar Media. The research firm claims in its ‘Summer 2011 Online Shopper Intelligence’ report that 35% of respondents identify the microblogging website as either “influential” or “extremely influential” in making purchasing decisions, compared to just 23.5% for Facebook.

The stats suggest that brands may need to reconsider how they spend their social media budgets and where they invest their time, with Facebook currently the number 1 social network for most companies, rather than Twitter.

Source: Strategy Eye.

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