Webit "Most Influential People Online" Competition Attracts Participants From 77 Countries

15 days before the “Webit Most Influential People Online” competition closes, more than 1300 people from 77 countries have entered to win the prestigious award.

The five most influential representatives from each of the 77 countries will win tickets to the Webit Congress 2011, a premier international digital industry event taking place in Bulgaria. The competition winner, voted the most influential entrant, will receive a VIP pass to Webit Congress, return flights to Sofia and recognition by the Webit society and media.

“This year Webit Influence is a much bigger and wider project spanning almost the entire world”, said the Chairman of the Board of e-Academy and Honorary Webit Ambassador, Plamen Russev. “At this stage, the leader by ranking is Italy, followed by Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia, Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA, and the tenth place is for Switzerland. The project is part of a campaign, dedicated to the promotion of online markets and revealing of influential people and professionals from online communities”.

More details regarding the project can be found here.

About Webit Congress

Webit Congress is the only event for the digital and IT industry in Central and Eastern Europe, covering markets with population of more than 450 million people. With seven parallel conference tracks, Webit is also one of Europe's biggest and premier digital industry events.

The Congress hosts renowned digital professionals and executives from the world's most innovative companies such as Google, Facebook, eBay, PayPal, Yandex, Adtech, Rovio (creators of Angry Birds), plus advertisers, digital industry players from Central and Eastern Europe and other digital industry representatives.

Webit Congress is partnering with The NextWomen to offer a 10% discount to our readers. Register now on www.Webitexpo.com and enter discount code TNW11to purchase your tickets.

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