Spanish Tech Startup Founded by a Woman Wins International Prize

Last month saw the international DigiBIC Award presented to a Spanish startup led by a woman. The competition was part of the 20th European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) Annual Congress, which focused on emerging areas and new trends of business applications in creative industries.

The DigiBIC competition rewards creativity and digital applications in 6 different categories.

When presenting the award to software development startup Andante, judges praised the strong steps taken in creating the company; the innovative nature of the project; the participation of women in the creation of the company; as well as the young ages of the promoting team members.

This win validates the competitiveness of Spanish entrepreneurs, as well as the innovation and creativity that resides in startups in Spain.

Andante's main product is a Virtual Assistant which is installed on a client's website and is able to simulate a conversation by responding to questions written by the user.

Company founder, Elisa Ibáñez Herrero spoke to Ellas 2.0:

Why did you enter Andante for the DigiBIC Award?

We entered the competition so that we could share our experience as young entrepreneurs, and show that once you have a viable idea, all you need to do is take the leap and go for it.

The competition also seemed like a good forum for us to raise awareness of our Virtual Assistant project.

When was the company founded?

The company was created in late 2009. We had previously been selected to participate in the Banespyme-orange contest, where we became finalists. In the initial phase of the competition we developed the Business Plan and, after several more months of working on the Plan and researching into whether there was a market for the Virtual Assistant, we decided to create the company.

About the technology

The Virtual Assistant product is a technology all of its own.  We also have a line of custom applications in development, designed according to customer specifications (commercial agendas, campaign planners and so on).

How did you come across Ellas 2.0?

Ellas 2.0 reached me in different ways, including several direct recommendations. Being a woman in a technology company it's an obvious resource for me.

This article was written by Ellas 2.0, a The NextWomen partner and contributor.  See their website here.

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