Finding the Wunder Women @NEXT Conference

This is a guest post by Jess Erickson of Berlin-based startup 6Wunderkinder

Innovation and discovery have always been primary catalysts for my exploration and travel throughout the world. Over the years of living abroad, I have met inspiring people from all different ages, ethnicities and social classes. Through these encounters, I was always awestruck by young entrepreneurs and their bright ideas. They often broke the conventional molds of everyday life and always created something entirely new, something original. They encouraged others around them to think outside the box and successfully bridged old and new worlds together. Let’s just say I’ve been inspired…

Several weeks ago, I attended SinnerSchrader’s NEXT conference in Berlin. Attendees listened to leaders, connected with like-minded people and showcased a range of different techniques on collecting and using data to advance the way we live and work.

Phenomenal people and love for data filled the empty spaces of an industrial Kreuzberg warehouse and left me excited for the days to come. 

My favorite speaker at NEXT was Amanda Rose, Founder of Connect the Dots Foundation and architect for a movement called Twestival to raise money for important causes. Someone in the audience had asked her how she manages to survive and she responded, “crashing on couches” and also providing consultation for tech startups on the side. Clearly, she is much more than just an entrepreneur and has really inspired me to reinvent myself and generate new ideas that can change the world.

You can dream up a better future or you can take action like Amanda and actually make it happen.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Katrin Schmidt founder of, a web portal that is focuses on celiac disease and a gluten-free lifestyle. On this site you can find various information on celiac disease, read stories about a gluten-free life, compare more than 700 gluten-free products and save money when shopping online. I think its great that health tracking has gone high-tech. Perhaps we'll see a gluten management app from Gluteinheit in the near future?

The Next conference really solidified Berlin as a driving force in high-tech innovation and entrepreneurial talent.

In the coming years I hope to see more female leaders within the tech scene who will have a greater impact on the professional world. Thanks Amanda and Katrin for paving the way.

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