The Founder Institute Aims to Graduate 175 Female Tech Founders in 2011

16% of the Founder Institute's 250+ graduated technology companies are founded by females. This beats the average, but quite frankly the average sucks, and they know they can do better. The Institute is currently on pace to graduate over 600 companies in 2011 across our 17 locations and want to double their percentage of female founders to 30%, aiming to graduate 175 female tech founders in 2011.
founders instituteThe first 100 NextWomen readers apply for free with the discount code nextw, and the best female applicants in each location will get a scholarship to attend the programme for free.

The programme runs in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Santiago, Bogotá, Berlin, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Washington D.C., San Diego, New York City, Boston, and Singapore.
In their words;
Here’s Why ‘We Can Do It’;
- Being a tech founder is not seen as a viable option for most females. And in our experience, they’re dead wrong. In fact, of all applicants to the Founder Institute, the acceptance rate amongst women is essentially equal to that of the men, while the graduation rate amongst women is almost 20% greater than that of the men (data compiled from all completed Founder Institute semesters worldwide, totaling over 1500 total applicants and over 250 total graduates).
- The widespread debate and publicity surrounding the "females in tech issue' over the last year had zero impact on the the number of female applicants to the Institute. However, last week we quietly announced a scholarship for the best female applicant for our Berlin Spring 2011 Semester, and the response in both applicants and support has been overwhelming.

Here’s How We Will ‘Do It’;
We’re rolling out the female scholarship concept that was successful in Berlin across all ten of our Spring Semesters;

The Female Founder Fellowship will provide extraordinary female applicants the opportunity to launch their dream company with the Founder Institute’s pre-seed incubation program, free of charge. To reach our goal of launching 175 female-founded tech startups in 2011, we will subsidize the Course Fee for the most extraordinary female applicant in each of our ten Spring Semesters; including San Francisco, Washington D.C., San Diego, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, New York City, Boston, and Singapore. Any female who applies to any of these Spring Semesters is automatically eligible. Many of the deadlines are approaching, so Apply Today.

The first 100 NextWomen readers who apply can take the Predictive Admissions Test for free using the code "nextw".
This is not about providing special treatment – the majority of applicants to the Founder Institute do not get accepted, and this will always be the case because we employ a quantitative Predictive Admissions Test in our application process. This test was specifically designed, and is constantly calibrated, to identify entrepreneurial personality traits and remove all forms of subjective bias (Aaron Patzer provided a great primer on the test here). The Female Founder Fellowship program is designed to double the number of female applicants to the Founder Institute, which, according to the previously stated data, will double the number of accepted females, and more than double the number of graduates – getting us to our goal of 175.

For reference, here’s a sampling of 10 female Founder Institute grads who are out of stealth, across a few different locations;

  1. 2RedBeans – Q Zhao (Bay Area)
  2. Ergolution – Charissa Shaw (Los Angeles)
  3. EximFlow – Stacey Arbetter  (Boston)
  4. Fashioning Change – Adriana Herrera (San Diego)
  5. Memetales – Maya Bisineer (Seattle)
  6. Micromobs – Himani Amoli (Bay Area)
  7. – Regine Harr (Berlin)
  8. Skimble – Maria Ly (Bay Area)
  9. – Katherine Chalmers (Washington DC)
  10. Zebraminds – Oza Klanjsek (Denver)

About the Founder Institute
The Founder Institute is a technology pre-seed incubator currently on pace to launch over 600 companies per year in over 15 cities worldwide. The program identifies high-potential entrepreneurs using predictive social science testing, and then guides them through a series of collaborative company-building sessions featuring a network of over 400 CEO Mentors. All program stakeholders, including the participating founders and CEO Mentors, share in the equity generated by companies formed in the program. In addition, participants get access to free and discounted services, and are not required to quit their day job.

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