Astia, Facebook, Intel, Techstars and others Join White House's Startup America Initiative

Startup America PartnershipAfter the announcement of President's Obama's inititiave on startups, we can also announce the Startup America Partnership, the private sector counterpart to the Obama administration's effort to spark high-growth firms in the U.S.. Some of the organisations involved in the whole Startup Initiative:

One of the organisations is our partner Astia, a premier venture accelerator that targets exceptional start-ups with women on their founding teams. Astia announced it will join The StartUP America Partnership, launched today at the White House and funded and led by the Case and Kauffman Foundations.

Astia has at its core mission to increase its advisory services and support for women-led, high-growth start-ups across the United States. Indeed, as part of its participation in the Startup America Partnership, Astia has made a commitment to double the number of entrepreneurs served by Astia’s programs and community across the United States. With that it will inspire a new generation of women entrepreneurs who will drive innovation, generate new jobs and create wealth, and enable women to participate more fully in the acceleration of innovation in high-tech, clean tech, life sciences and other high-growth businesses (and sectors where women remain sorely under-represented).

Facebook Developers
Facebook is involved. As a company with strong entrepreneurial roots, they are pleased to be involved with this project to provide the resources and technologies needed for entrepreneurs to create the next great companies. They plan to host 12 Startup Days in 2011 to provide early-stage companies with engineering and design support on the Facebook Platform. Startup Days are monthly events for entrepreneurs to work and hack with us to build new apps and websites that incorporate the latest social technologies.

Intel Corporation announced that it has joined President Obama's Startup America campaign to strengthen entrepreneurship in the United States. As part of this partnership, and in conjunction with its ongoing Invest in America initiative, Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's global investment organization has pledged to invest another $200 million in American technology companies and joined the campaign's board of advisors.

TechStars Launches National Startup Accelerator Network As Part of White House Startup America Program. The TechStars Network will be part of the Startup America initiative, launched yesterday by President Obama. In partnership with the White House, the goal of the TechStars Network is to become an engine for job growth by ensuring that over the next four years, 5,000 experienced business leaders and investors will mentor and support 6,000 promising young entrepreneurs. The aim is to increase the success rate and sustainability of each program, and to ultimately create 25,000 new economy jobs by 2015.

HP, represented by HP Startup Central, a network supporting entrepreneurship and startup growth, and HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE), a global program that uses technology to help entrepreneurs establish and sustain growth, joins President Obama’s coalition, extending the company’s commitment to empowering innovators through entrepreneurial tools and market access.

IBM said it will invest $150 million in 2011 to fund programs that promote entrepreneurs and new business opportunities.

The Startup America Partnership
The Startup America Partnership is an alliance of top entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, CEOs, university presidents, foundations, and other leaders joining together to dramatically increase the prevalence and success of innovative, high-growth U.S. startups. The Partnership’s mission is to spur entrepreneurship, a core component of President Obama’s national innovation strategy for achieving sustainable growth and quality jobs. The Startup America Partnership will marshal private resources, such as Astia and its community, to scale up a portfolio of proven models at every stage of the innovation funnel, from the first stirrings of entrepreneurial ambition to the market success of a new firm.
“We applaud the White House for its commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship and are honored to be a part of The StartUP Partnership,” said Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia.  “It is our fervent belief that in working together with these organizations and individuals, we can truly make a difference for all high-growth firms - including ones led by women - which will in turn lead to job creation and economic growth in the United States.”

Starting and owning a business in the U.S. could be very tough. For a three-month old government-supported private entity, making small company ownership easier is the entire goal. Over a dozen new businesses have pledged $400 million to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. I read this here: Startup America Partnership helps small businesses grow.

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