White House Gets Ready for New Initiative to Promote High-Growth Startups: "Startup America"


The White House gets serious about high-growth startups by a new initiative: 'Startup America' to promote entrepreneurship and high-growth startups, and it includes a focus on female high-growth entrepreneurs. Earlier, we reported on the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship with the focus on women and girls initiatives, now is the time for high growth focus.

On Monday, January 31, 2011 Senior White House and Cabinet officials will join with prominent entrepreneurs to the launch of 'Startup America' and announce a series of new commitments, all with the goal of dramatically increasing the prevalence and success of American entrepreneurs.

And our partner Astia, venture accelerator for high-growth women-led companies is present, as well as Jennifer Zeszut, founder of Scoutlabs, a high growth startup for which she raised funding and later sold to Lithium.scoutlabs
The new policy is partly initiated by the Entrepreneurs' Movement, an initiative supported by the Kaufmann Foundation and its CEO Carl J. Schramm, to unite entrepreneurs and their supporters to have a stronger voice in economic policy discussions. Entrepreneurship.org is a free, online international community designed for building entrepreneurial economies, where entrepreneurs, policymakers, business mentors, investors, and researchers come together to promote high-growth initiatives.

Earlier it conveyed to the US Administration that over 70% of entrepreneurs are saying that the most important policy initiatives to facilitate job creation are providing tax credits for businesses that invest in research and development, and providing a permanent cut in the income tax on business by eliminating payroll taxes.

But now the focus is on high-growth entrepreneurship, an issue very familiar to the Kaufmann Foundation, who is supporting entrepreneurial initiatives all over the US, such as the, Entrepreneur.org website,  Fastrack scheme and Astia.

Fantastic moment when the world finally notices the power of women entrepreneurs to revive the economy. We know there are enough highly skilled and brilliant women who could become entrepreneurs tomorrow. Now we just need to get all the women to notice they can be founders and get going!

I was selected!! I will be there!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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