How to become a Business Angel? By Training...

women angelsA lot of discussion is taking place, why there are so few female business angels among the many, many female millionaires of UK.

On Tuesday 1st February, a training session is held in the UK for anyone who wants to become a business angel, thereby investing in startups. The session will cover; ‘Introduction to Angel Investing’, ‘How to become a Business Angel’ and ‘Evaluation and Construction of the Entrepreneurial Team’.

The training covers the characteristics and roles of Business Angels, different types of private investors and the risks/opportunities associated with Angel investing. It also covers the process of becoming a Business Angel and the identification and selection of investment opportunities. Moreover, Sources of Dealflow and different types of Angel groups are introduced.
Finally, risk mitigating issues such as the portfolio approach and syndication are explained.

The intention is to hold these sessions in London throughout 2011.

For more information on the module content please see the Ready For Equity! Section on the FSE website.

The cost of this session is £110+VAT.

If you want to read an interview with a female business angel, read this.

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