Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation Launches to Support UK Girls in Technology-Based Industries.

girl geekGirl Geeks founder Mia Chapman has launched a charitable foundation to help women in financial hardship break into technology- related industries. Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation is UK’s first charity dedicated to supporting women and young people in financial hardship by encouraging and increasing participation in science, technology, engineering, innovation and entrepreneurialism has been launched.

Mia Chapman is Chairman and Founding Trustee of Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation, Co-Founder of Biotecnix Group Limited and a proactive ambassador for women's enterprise and leadership.
With the primary aim of supporting women and young people, Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation will provide national training, advice, signposting, support and where appropriate computer equipment as well as encouraging beneficiaries to embark on careers in science, technology and engineering and into enterprise.

In a commitment to help bridge the widening skills and unemployment gap generally and specifically in science and technology, Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation will work tirelessly on strengthening skills and preparing as many people as possible for work, education, training and business as a step to improve the beneficiaries’ current situation with a positive change for their future.

The charity community programs will be focused on skills development, career advice, business start-up support and mentoring where appropriate, as well as critical work skills through partnerships with other resource organisations.  As most of today’s occupations require at least basic IT skills it is also the charity’s aim to help those lacking basic technology skills and help improve their prospects to succeed.

Mia Chapman, Chairman and Founding Trustee of Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation and Chief Executive of Girl Geeks Limited said: “Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation was set up to compliment the support services offered via Girl Geeks Limited to extend our reach to include women and young people in financial hardship.  Our next generations urgently require role models and dedicated support to help them make informed educational and career decisions but they also need access to resources to enable them to succeed and have a great start in life regardless of their background. Women in particular who are experiencing difficulties require support to enable them to return to the workplace, increase their career options and support them back into training to update their skills.”

Catherine Marchant, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise North East said: “Girl Geeks is a unique organisation that has found a gap in the market to tap into and develop the potential of women and young people in technology-based industries. I am excited to be involved with Girl Geeks as it complements the aim of Young Enterprise to inspire, support and motivate young people to achieve success in whatever careers they choose, in this case specifically in the sectors of science, technology and engineering. The Girl Geeks network provides a rich source of experienced role models to encourage young people to consider working in these areas.”

Estelle Chatard, New Business and Investments Director at Newcastle Science City said: “Girl Geeks is a refreshing concept and a powerful brand that promotes the role of women in science, technology and engineering. But it is much more than a brand, it is a highly respected support organisation that offers its members a blend of very inspirational and aspirational events as well as very practical support and advice for women in Science. But there is still a lot to do, especially with generations to come and women starting businesses up in Science. Newcastle Science City has had some significant successes in both supporting business creation and community engagement in science in the city and organisations like Girl Geeks Limited and Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation are playing a role in achieving our vision to promote scientific excellence and engage the local community so that everyone can become part of Newcastle’s continued scientific achievement. “

Kim Inglis, Freelance TV Presenter, reporter and journalist said: "Girl Geeks Charitable Foundation is just a brilliant phenomenon, I'm so thrilled to be involved at this level. The concept has just continued to gather pace since I got involved and the women involved are such great role models. There is so much still for Girl Geeks to achieve, this is just one step forward."

For more information: Girl Geek Social Enterprise

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