Barclays has launched SmartWoman Magazine and Community in a bid to Empower Female Investors

barclaysBarclays has launched its SmartWoman Magazine and Community in a bid to empower female investors.
Women don’t hesitate to make financial decisions when running successful businesses and households, yet we still lag behind men when it comes to planning our personal finances. We want you to join our community and help change this, says Barbara-Ann King, head of investments for Barclays Stockbrokers and head of the SmartWoman Team.
The number of female investors is growing, and while they are increasing in confidence, they still lag behind their male counterparts, according to research from Barclays Stockbrokers.

Only a third of female investors consider themselves confident investors, compared to half of men, and a fifth of women say they have no experience at all. Women are more likely to admit that they lack the knowledge to make informed investment decisions, the survey said.
At the SmartWomen website, women can get support to get started, some fresh investment ideas and share their knowledge.

Barbara-Ann King, head of investments for Barclays Stockbrokers, said: "There is no question that women are just as financially able as men. Rather than being a bolt-on to every day life, investing should be a central component of women's lifestyles."

Sign up for a FREE subscription to SmartWoman magazine and gain entry to a prize draw to win £500 of John Lewis gift vouchers.

Resource: FT Adviser

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