Astia wants to Demystify the Silicon Valley Investment Scene: Apply now

‘Being able to attend Astia's Doing it Right in Silicon Valley was an amazing opportunity for Affect Labs. I gained invaluable insights into what Silicon Valley is really like, from an investment and market perspective, and managed to connect with a number of US firms who will help us move forward with our international plans.

As a result of Astia, I now have a great network to help me launch my product in the US, a much clearer idea of what I need to do in order to do business in America, and a thoroughly clear, honest and demystified insight into the investment scene in Silicon Valley. The Astia experience has provided me with skills and knowledge it would have taken me years to obtain otherwise.’
Jennie Lees, Founder Affect Labs of the UK

European entrepreneurs are now called upon to apply to Astia's Silicon Valley Programme, a transformative program designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who want to become dominant players in their sectors. Deadline September 20, 2010.

silicon valleyThe format? A comprehensive 6-day on site workshops, and 2-month online and virtual program of personalised advising from premier experts and the opportunity to start benefiting from the global ecosystem of angels, VCs, corporations, and entrepreneurs that is Astia.

Who should apply? Exceptional women-led high growth start-ups who know that success is not just about raising money but about growing a business and thriving even in today's tough market.
The Bottom Line? Those select entrepreneurs accepted to Astia’s Doing it Right have unprecedented access to funding and expertise in a multitude of fields necessary to building successful businesses.
* Over $750 million raised. In 2010 the largest raise was for a European company
* Funding success rate exceeding 60%
* 20 exits to date, including 2 IPOs

How it Works for European Entrepreneurs The Silicon Valley Program is the flagship program for Astia and provides a rare opportunity to build network and raise awareness in the birthplace of entrepreneurialism and still the major source of venture funding globally. Many of the Astia companies have benefited from the global network – either raising capital or entering new markets though the generosity of the global Astia community.

“I will admit that I walked in with slight skepticism worrying about the dollars that are very precious in a start-up being spent appropriately,” said Natalie Wisniewski, PhD, Co-founder of PROFUSA. “I can say now without the slightest of doubts that this was one of the best investments of money and time we could have made and I wish I had done it earlier.”

Urged to submit are entrepreneurs with:
•    an innovative idea in either the Technology, Life Sciences or Clean Tech sectors
•    a high-growth investment opportunity
•    an exceptional team and business strategy
•    a significant market opportunity
•    a defendable competitive advantage
•    at least one woman in a leadership role (at C level) or in significant position of equity and influence

Charlotte Kim, Founder and CEO of Coveted List notes, “Joining Astia has been a game changer, literally. My Astia advisors have leveled the playing field for me with the funding dance.  They’ve provided the coaching, support and at times interpretation so I can be on point and prepared.  Astia has been invaluable.”

The application deadline is Friday, September 20, 2010. In-person screening will take place Thursday, September 30, 2010 and the Doing it Right Program will be held at Microsoft’s San Francisco Campus November 4-9.

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