Saska Graville from Red Magazine Advises Female Business Owners on a Successful PR Pitch

Red CoverFor the 10th Kitchen Dinner, The NextWomen received Saska Graville, deputy editor of Red Magazine as the special guest of The NextWomen Summer Kitchen Dinner. The 25 women who were gathered for this intimate and relaxed networking include many business founders and directors. Indeed, 76.5% of them own or lead a company.

As the attendees arrived and prosecco and canapés were served, each person had to introduce herself to the rest of the group and this showed that once again, The NextWomen Kitchen Dinner received a group of very inspiring business women.

Editors Career Path: via Sydney, Newspapers and Redundancy back to the UK
After the starter, the set of ambitious women had the honour to receive a keynote from Saska Graville, deputy editor of Red Magazine, launched in 1998 for “women growing out without growing old” and which is followed by 225 000 readers monthly. Red Magazine has currently a UK and a Dutch issue.

Saska gave an overview of her magazine oriented career before joining Red Magazine. At the end of her 20s, Saska moved to Sydney. She was hired at the New Woman magazine where she shortly had to be made redundant as the magazine had to be sold.

In her today's opinion, she couldn’t agree more with what one of her managers told her:

“Everyone has to be made redundant at least once in their career”.

This led her to work for one of Australia’s best selling newspapers Sydney Morning Herald but with her magazine background, little was expected of her. However, she managed to give a touch of lifestyle to the newspaper that actually turned into a surprising success.

Red Magazine:  Proud of “Grown-up” Work Experience and - finally- ONLINE

Before she turned 40, she decided to come back to the UK as media is quite a “young” industry and that is when she joined Red magazine. With a lot of competition from other woman’s lifestyle magazine, Red managed to grow rapidly by reflecting the reader’s thoughts and responding to the audience’s needs. Today, Red Magazine is expanding its brand through its Red Hot Women Awards, “Grown-up” Work Experience, Red Direct and - as one of the last print magazines- by going online.

Business Matching and Business Issues of Female Business Women
As the dinner was served, everyone started thinking of what they were specifically looking for or which area of their business they would benefit from advice from their peers. This allowed Simone Brummelhuis, CEO and Founder of the NextWomen and host of the event, to explain the NextWomen mentoring programme to the attendees, in which 35 serial entrepreneurs are offering their advisory services.

During the Kitchen Dinner, aim is to connect people according to what they want and what they could offer.

Many women were looking to expand their customer base and were looking for Marketing and PR help while others were looking for advice on investment seeking. The 20 ambitious and inspiring women were brought together for a relaxed and enriching peer-to-peer networking and advice, encouraging all to grow their business further.

The key elements to a successful PR pitch
Amongst all advices offered and received, a valuable one from Saska explained that when working on PR, you should always show that you know the magazine you are pitching to. The key elements to a successful PR pitch are

  1. Timing: pitch to the magazine at the right time, knowing that Red Magazine is already currently working on the November-December editions
  2. Target: explain not only that you know the magazine you are pitching to but also why you decided to go through them and that you are targeting your audience.

As per usual, The NextWomen Kitchen Dinner once again successfully managed to connect female entrepreneurs and professionals for enriching peer-to-peer networking to the benefit of growing female-led companies.

Keep updated on The NextWomen website for the upcoming Kitchen Dinners in October/November 2010.

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