5% of Business Angels in the UK are Women: Let's Increase that Number!

Sally Goodsell, CEO of Finance South East and UK Board Member of Astia is behind a new initiative to increase the number of women investing in startups: women business angels. The NextWomen supports proposals to increase women investors and has called in the last couple of months upon female entrepreneurs who have exited their business to become TheNextWomen Angels, and to invest directly in startups or through a Fund, such as Trapezia of Gita Patel.

Finance South EastAs Finance South East says: "Business Angels are the lifeblood of early stage businesses, investing some £800m-£1bn annually across the UK in growing young companies. Business Angels invest not only money, but knowledge – often called “smart money”.  Whilst research shows that angel investing carries risks, investing in SME's can bring attractive returns, showing the importance of the asset class and the implications for high net worth and sophisticated investors who could consider angel investment as part of their investment portfolio.

However, despite the high number of successful business and professional women in the UK, and with women accounting for nearly half the millionaires in Britain, currently only about 5% of business angels in the UK are women.  Women are in a position to bring both their financial capacity, business skills and experience to support the growth and success of innovating small businesses, offering the potential for significant returns.

Finance South East together with the British Business Angels Association, are now also seeking to engage more women in this interesting and potentially highly rewarding activity. This initiative builds on the awareness campaign that BBAA has been organising around the regions over the past year and  is aimed at supporting BBAA members to bring more women investors into their networks.

The inaugural event  in London on June 9, 2010 is open to women interested in finding out about becoming a business angel. You will hear firsthand accounts from experienced female business angels who have already taken the plunge and network with other like minded business women. You will also learn more about ongoing activities in your area training sessions to enable you to become successful business angel investors."

If you are interested, please let us know.

IAN is the largest business group with successful entrepreneurs as Indian angel investors. It has helped many aspiring individuals and organizations to set up successful business and make their dreams into a reality. Members at IAN look at companies with a strong management team, innovative ideas and the courage and enthusiasm to try out new ventures. IAN has always taken up challenges and is open to angel investment in India in diversified fields such as IT, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail, specialized BPO, agriculture/food processing, banking and financial services, education, travel tourism and hospitality, biotech, pharma and life sciences and such other area that excites the network members.

It is good to hear that women business angels are on the increase, out of interest do you think business angels are a better approach to getting funding rather than using business and corporate banking services?

It is good information, thank you buddy for sharing this great information.

Take a look at Julie Meyer who started Adriane Capital. (Just google Julie Meyer)

All depends how you define Business Angel.

If Business Angel = investor who is a member of an angel network, the 5% figure may be right.
If Business Angel = investor in a business, you may find that the ratio is more even.

It could be that women simply don't like to be a member of an Angel Network rather than they are not business angels.

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