Women Who Tech Panel at SWSX: Has The Glass Ceiling Ever Smacked You In The Butt?

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jstar/This week the allmighty SWSX conference takes place in Texas, USA, where the world gathers to discuss new developments in technology. As women & technology is still a hot debated topic, Allyson Kapin, of Women who Tech is leading a panel on the issue.

She says in the Austin Chronicle: While 30% of the tech labor force is women and 40% of all private firms are female-owned, women only receive around 10% of start-up cash. The tough news, she said, is that women in tech must "promote the hell out of themselves. ... A lot of PR folks don't like the word 'expert,' but if you are an expert in your field, embrace it. Don't shy away from it." She added, "It's not very insightful to hear from the same few men in tech about their perspectives on the industry."

Women Who Tech has devised a panel to discuss precisely these issues on Saturday March 13. 2010 at 11.00 am, Hilton E

Bumpin' Up: Has The Glass Ceiling Ever Smacked You In The Butt?

Who's to blame for creating the digital-ceiling? Upper management? Rawk star "techies" who fill their presentations with porn? Venture Capitalists who don't fund enough women start-ups? Ourselves? Join tech and social media gurus for a thought-provoking discussion on cracking the boys-club and getting what you want. These are the questions that are to be answered, and you can twitter your comments via #sxsw
1. Who do you think is building the digital ceiling and why does it even exist in the first place?

2. What tools and strategies should women be use to promote themselves and brand themselves as experts in their field?
3. What are the privacy risks in promoting yourself and building a high profile online identity? What's the best way to deal with those risks and concerns?

4. How do you decide how far you want to go in your career? Is up, up the ladder, the right path for every woman?

5. Chicks & Porn: Which one do tech conferences really need and why?

6. How do we develop more gender balanced and diverse tech teams and encourage VC's to fund women owned start-ups?

7. How do you address situations when your boss or client takes your male tech colleagues opinions more seriously than your opinions?

8. What can you do to increase your skills, marketability, and stay on top of your game as you advance in your career?

9. What men can do to help promote women in technology?

10. How do you work with peers who are significantly younger or older then you and not fall into the traditional mentor/mentee roles?

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