Fund Raising Secrets for Female Entrepreneurs

Connect LondonFemale entrepreneurs who are able to find an investor for their plans are able to put a request forward to The Aspire Fund to match the investment by the investor. Everyclick, Alcator and TalentPuzzle were able to attract double funding in this way.

But what are the secrets of the business plan and pitches of these entrepreneurs? The Aspire Fund, Connect London and The NextWomen, as media partner, are organizing an event on Tuesday 9th March in London called:

Fund Raising Secrets for Female Entrepreneurs”  (Tickets to be booked click link)

Serial entrepreneur Christopher Fogg and James Garder will talk about Killer Business Plans that Raise Funds. But there will also be a talk about bootstrapping secrets for how to start and grow a successful company with almost no money.

Cary Marsh Of MyDeo: How She Raised Funds (3 times)

Moreover, Cary Marsh of Mydeo will be there to explain how she raised funds for her succesful business. Cary Marsh launched her company in response to a need to share family videos across the globe, following a DTI Research and Development grant for Technical Innovation. She announced in October 2007 that Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the US with market cap of over $20bn, were taking a minority equity stake in mydeo, and would be using the Mydeo platform for its own bespoke video sharing service.  The site has continued to grow since it’s first injection of cash, and went on to enjoy second round funding from Best Buy and a third from Best Buy Capital, and has since branched out into video streaming for businesses.

Aspire Fund: The Criteria

Established in November 2008, the £12.5m the Aspire Fund targets support for women-led businesses with an objective to increase the number of successful female entrepreneurs within the UK, ensuring that those with real potential to succeed are not held back through a lack of growth capital. The Fund is able to make equity investments of between £100k and £1m, providing up to 50% of capital in a funding round alongside other private investors.

For more information about the event and to book your tickets, see Connect London

Terrific! I'm looking forward to this event on Tuesday.

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