Twestival Global London is set to Raise Money for Concern Worldwide

pic_twestivalThursday March 25th 2010 will see people meeting in cities across the Globe, 'Using Social Media for Social Good'.  Now in it's second year, the event, which uses the power of Twitter for marketing, aims to bring people together offline at locally he ld events in an attempt to improve education, have fun and create awareness.

With this year's theme of Education, all (and they mean 100% of) ticket proceeds go to Concern Worldwide, which aims to make education accessible to the some 72 million children across the world that presently have no opportunity to go to school.  Last year saw:

  • Involvement from 202 cities
  • 1,000 volunteers
  • 10,000 donors
  • Funds raised of over $250, 000

As those involved gave money to improve access to safe and clean water for the 1 billion who currently do not have this.

Concern Worldwide

pic_concernOver the past 30 years, Concern Worldwide has worked to improve the lives of those in abject poverty, with the eventual aim of eliminating poverty altogether.  They hope to provide vulnerable individuals with the tools required to sustain their lives unsupported.

Their education programs target: 'the poorest people in the poorest countries in the world, with particular emphasis on reaching out-of-school children such as girls, orphans, street children, working children, children affected by con?ict, children affected by HIV and AIDS, and children with disabilities.

Twestival London and Building Schools

Each local event is given the option of supporting an area within education - for which Twestival Global London has chosen 'Building Schools'.  This means that 100% of all ticket sales will go to providing the infrastructure required to facilitate education in the poorest of regions across the world.  All who receive funds are required to report back on a six-monthly basis to show how funds have been utilised and provide case studies for  future recipients of such grants.


Tickets have been progressively released across the various locations since February 12th and although the London location is yet to be confirmed, can been snapped up in return for a donation in the range of $1 - $100.

To take part in Twestival London or any other cities and schools, or add an event across the world visit the Twestival Global site.

To find out more, watch this YouTube clip:

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