Blue or Red, which Ocean is Your Company Swimming in?

TheNextWomen is holding its Strategy Workshop tomorrow, based on Blue Ocean Strategy. View the Agenda. Grab the last 3 tickets, which includes the Evening program with 100 attendees.
blue ocean strategyThe need for new ways of thinking about strategy is critical. With the rate of commoditisation increasing, even in highly innovative markets, companies need to be able to differentiate their products with something unique, that is not easily copied by competitors, and which is valued by customers.

Read a lot of strategy books and they tend to give you the same message: differentiate your service offering, beat the competition, segment your market more cleverly and choose between high customer value at an increased cost or low value at a lower cost. Either or, it’s a zero sum game.

This three hour workshop will not only challenge and sharpen your thinking by giving you fresh frameworks to think about your business strategy today, but give you time to roll up your sleeves and get down to work to generate ideas that will transform your business strategy tomorrow.

The pioneering work of Chan Kim and Renee Maurborgne, INSEAD Professors has challenged conventional ways of thinking in their research on Blue Ocean Strategy not just given new conceptual models but hands on, practical frameworks that you can put to immediate use for immediate results.

Their research, not just from recent history, has found discernable common patterns that have made businesses stand out from the crowd.  From Ford in the early 1900s to CNN in the 1980s to companies such as Starbucks, Circus Soleil and Yellow Tail Australian wine company, the approach to creating blue oceans was consistent across time regardless of industry.  All experienced rapid growth regardless of commoditisation.

Blue Ocean Strategy; W.Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne, Harvard Business School Press, 2005

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