Are Women Networks solving the 'Problem' of the Lack of Women starting Technology Companies?

How is the situation for Women in IT? Or for Women in Mobile? And are there female role models starting technology companies? We are not talking Sillicon Valley but the UK. Sarah Blow, founder of Girl Geek Dinner with around 40 chapters worldwide, a .net developer and having her own 'geek credentials' and Helen Keegan, organiser of Mobile Heroes have taken part in a video, compiled by journalist Leilla Makki, discussing the women in IT issue in the UK. Networks via Facebook and Twitter relating to women in internet are starting to increase, and what is following is of course women starting technology companies or not?

Marion Bernard, a female VC in the North of the UK, who just launched a new tech fund, Northstar Equity Investors for technology companies, is hopeful, particularly for women who have the confidence, the networks and the belief that they will be able to raise funds and the commitment as an entrepreneur.

Question raised is whether women only networks are positive to the development of women-led technology companies.

Watch the full video:

Participants in the video are: Marion Bernard, CEO, NorthStar Equity Investors
Sarah Blow, Founder, Girl Geeks Dinner
Caroline Bottomley, Founder, RadarMusicVideos
Mia Chapman, Founder, Girl Geeks (North East)
Donna Hildrew, Co-Founder, Pure Pouches
Helen Keegan, Co-Organiser, Mobile Monday London
Maggie Philbin, Science & Technology Reporter, BBC Television & Radio
Alice Taylor, Commissioning Editor for Education, Channel 4
Caroline Theobald, Owner, Bridge Club
Marianne Whitfield, Director, Cobweb Information

The video is called: Women are doing 'IT' for themselves.

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